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*These videos are published for educational purposes. All opinions are my own, everything I say in these videos are just that, my opinion. Please do not send any hate to anyone involved in MLM’s, instead in an assertive, polite and caring manner try to help them see the light. Not all people in MLM’s are bad. Manipulation and lying to get ahead however, is bad. Everything shared is protected under fair use.

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Rubester 1219 says:

Guessing that Yes a professional hair dresser can make great suggestions for things specific to a clients hair types. But A salon that sells Monat is one not to go too. As would imagine they are ignoring things taught in hair schools. Especially regarding ingredients. Not only that like all the others People don’t need to know a thing about hair or skin to join monat. Hair dresser , dermatologist or esthetician’s are people with knowledge that can be trusted to recommend a product.

randienicolec says:

Holy crap I am so happy I found your channel! Also if any hairstylist tried to use Monat on my hair I would slap them. Don’t get near my head with that shit 🤢

stephaniemtz318 says:

Plz plz plz make one about primerica plz plz !

bahtmanentertainment says:

Third video…girl crying over her “gratitude event” …it seems like you’re putting Monat first. Sniffles McGee needs Jesus lol not Amy whoever she’s fangirling over. Ps you’re rocking the shit out of that snake skin! ❤️😘

Kate-Emma Murray says:

The sniffling girl makes me so sad. Religious garbage aside, because I cannot and will not ever give a damn about that made up nonsense, she very clearly has anxiety and self-worth issues and as someone with anxiety I just want to grab her and drag her away. These vultures in her upline must have salivated over this video because the whole thing just screams ‘I will empty my bank account into yours for a single crumb of praise no matter how fake it is’ and that is EXACTLY what is going to happen. She needs medication and therapy, not a meeting about gratitude with a bunch of nasty high school girls who never grew up, and still wanna play games.

Betty_von_N929 says:

Girl make that neon sign yourself!! Look up some YouTube videos. It’ll save you some coin

Mo says:

The crying girl sounds like she’s accepting a Grammy award lmao

Dominique Does Life says:

Wait! Crazy idea! I know you do true crime AND antimlm. Would you be interested in being a guest on our podcast to talk about murder on middle beach? I’ll admit, our main platform is not Youtube, but Spotify and Apple podcasts, but we would love to have you if you’re interested.

Lissa Ox says:

We went from suicide to monat way too fast smh good lord

Alma Jed says:

U look gorgeous😍very telling and sad those girls are trying to prove so desperately how "succesful "and flourishing they are!Give me a break!!how can they be so fake and pathetic.. and cant see it's one way ticket…😉

Dominique Does Life says:

Sunk. Cost. Fallacy. Learn it, huns. Google the definition.

B L says:

I got emotional whiplash from how she talked about the suicide and in the next breath started talking about monat. I went from sad to bitch WHAT? 🥴

That third girl… I’m concerned

21:50 OMGGGG GIRL! FACE CRACK! Earth to Monat girl, you’re in a fucking cult!!!

Jessica Brett says:

OMG lol the crazy pink lady ad was what played right before the video.

Corinna Marie says:

Crazy lipstick, ramen hair lady was the ad before your video began (as I type this, Im listening to her spew something about something) and she's the ad after your video too! LOL Also. You look A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, Chelsea!

Dolly McClain says:

Hey Chelsea- one of me and my husbands close friends recently started selling this whitening toothpaste on her social media. I didn’t want to ask her anything, im avoiding the sales schpeel… but have you heard of it? All I find when I googled MLM toothpaste was AP 24 toothpaste.

I’d be interested to see what you can dig up on them.

Thanks for continually pumping out Awesome content 💕

Harmony Sage says:

Hope you are feeling better. Just saw that you have Covid.

Harmony Sage says:

I’ve noticed in a lot of MLM “companies“ videos there is a lot of sad fishing. A girl from beach body parent passed away, and she used that to get $. It is heartbreaking, but so wrong at the same time.

Jolene Carney says:

You are so friggin funny…. moving on to the bourbon cause you drank all the wine!!!! Such a riot!!! I love your energy!!!!

Jolene Carney says:

Such an awesome pic of you in the thumbnail!!!!!! You are as beautiful as you are talented!!!!!

Harmony Sage says:

I’ve never seen someone do a reaction video on their ads! So smart in many ways. Lol

Harmony Sage says:

Great video!! Will you look into Scentcy and melaleuca? Melaleuca isn’t known as a MLM but it is. No one really does videos about Melaleuca because the sales people aren’t allowed to pitch the company by name. Also another HUGE one is Juice Plus.

Lisa Shepard says:

Love your makeup, hair and outfit in this video! Of course as always your content is excellent.

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