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*These videos are published for educational purposes. All opinions are my own, everything I say in these videos are just that, my opinion. Please do not send any hate to anyone involved in MLM’s, instead in an assertive, polite and caring manner try to help them see the light. Not all people in MLM’s are bad. Manipulation and lying to get ahead however, is bad. Everything shared is protected under fair use.

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Hilary Baca says:

What lip gloss do you always put on?

Shauna MacGregor says:

Yeah my first job out of college I think I made probably 36k (but this was also back in 1999). But I also had benefits and vacation so….was pretty great i thought at the time

Zia Ishihara says:

I love your hair style

Snoogans Lestat says:

Girl the MLM you work FOR is the multi million/billion dollar company you are making money for.
So freaking stupid.

Snoogans Lestat says:

She got offered pennies coz no one knows who she is!

Anne-wil justaworkmom Meijnen says:

Hi! New here!! I'm from Holland. A few years ago I was a member of forever living. I am a working mom so the right victim. After 2 months saw the true nature and stopped. You feel so stupid that you fell for it. And so angry with the person who made you a member. your videos top! i love them

K D says:

Why anyone would want to have a side hustle while a fresh out of college accountant is BEYOND me 😵💀. Especially if you're also working towards your CPA (which will help you to make more)
The growth is pretty known though in the industry if you just… You know, stick with it for a few years.
Fun fact though you absolutely can make partner at a accounting firm (maybe not the big giants realistically). After decades of hard work. But still, you definitely can.

nik s says:

Love ur videos

Kayla Marie says:

10:03 "i love it. I share it." Is this common phrasing among the huns? It reminds me of kimbyrs coming out post where she said "I share what I love". 🤔

Gena Alana says:

Omg so I have a follower that is an itworks girl and her reels look similar to this. I know that isn’t her but ALL HER FUCKING REELS ARE TACKY AND THEN BAM INCOME DISCLOSURE! Like bitch there’s no way you made that much!

Zoë Noela says:

The “Stay Spicy” sign. LOVE

Alyssa Leonard says:

Your commentary is hilarious 🤣 I needed this laugh today. Thank you, beautiful Chelsea 💙

hunter niven says:

Just noticed that the body shop, it now starting to ask for consultants. Could they becoming a mlm?
You have to pay to get the package.
A girl on my fb market place has a post looking for people to sign up under her. Wondering what your thoughts were?

Emily Ward says:

Had to come back to this video to ask where you ordered your stay spicy sign?! I’m re doing my 5yr olds bed room and she would love her name on a neon light sign like that😍

Lily Garlet says:

I'm always amazed by how these girls are never able to put 2 and 2 together, they always defend their mlms by saying "you get a huge commission for selling". Are you so dumb that you do not realize you're promoting and buying overpriced crappy products??

Bobbi with an i says:

Omg so so glad I found your channel. Finally antimlm w a little sas. I'm sassy & love seeing other people say what I'm yelling at the screen instead of being cautiously polite. I get it but come on. This is entertainment.

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