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shirt is from sweet southern chic in Tampa

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Jessica Smith says:

The big guys earning the big bucks are the ones taking the financial risks in normal jobs. In these MLM's, the little guys are the only ones taking the risks.

Alexa Fillinger says:

“A 10 cent raise” my first post grad job after a year gave me a 20k salary raise, but ok 😂

Brad Hall says:

Also love these videos 🥰

Brad Hall says:

One more month using monat and your hair going to be completely burnt

Eleanor Addy says:

These bishes attack you personally. It's hard not to react to constant bs

Eleanor Addy says:

Wanda is beautiful

Trudy With Her Cat says:

I love ur hair!!!! 😍😍😍 Oh it’s a wig. I love it.

Jessica Smith says:

Shout out to all the preggos eating heavy carbs to stop vomiting at 11pm

Abigail Hampton says:

This hair is everything!!!!!

Polyana says:

Nice wig, the red looks good on you. Question, you mentioned “there is a high chance you will lose a lot of hair” towards the ens of the video, and I was wondering which product or where can I find more information on this. Thanks. 🙏🏼

MrsScorpionette says:

Okay… Workers paying for their uniforms is wrong no matter where it happens. In the US workers rights are very lax, so that's something to fix – that does not mean that network marketing is the BEST choice 🤦‍♀️

Ingrid van Ruiswijk says:

Imagine "regular" employees posting daily to ensure everybody that the company they work for is not a scam… That alone is a huge red flag!

Hailey Gallagher says:

Ok I’m here for the wigs 😍

Bugattiair Victor says:

Don’t let her blow up

Yanze says:

love the wig, it suits you so much! and the stay spicy sign too. I've been watching sooo many of your videos about MLM. in my country, Mary Kay & Young Living is probably the most popular right now 😂

Tana M-Smorgiewicz says:

That hair color suits you so well

Schuyler Whetstone says:

Yesssssss, Ms. Wanda is here to school the children and I'm all the way here for it. Love hearing you relate MLM sales jobs to actual sales roles. Slay all day.

My name is chair says:

I am just always so truly fascinated how these people think that the only jobs to ever exist are 9-5 corporate office jobs and network marketing selling oils. Anyone else who works in the artistic field or hard labor or anything else just don't exist then. Bold of them to assume someone who is passionate about baking wants the dream job of selling shampoo on facebook. No thanks, I'll continue to work in the non existant field then.

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