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Nikki B says:

Toxic person? They walk away? No they do not they just hound you harder and harder. Haha if only they would just walk the other way!

Nikki B says:

So you think you gonna become the King of Burger King now huh

Devin Eller says:

I love the "scientific experiment" 🤭 like that proves something…… hahaha

Deserie larios says:

“Why are u lighting ur hair on fire?” LOL cc ur HILARIOUS

Viktoriya Babkina says:

The most scariest thing about Monat to me is the fact that they carry these hair products for kids…

J Marie says:

Ok…but Monat products aren’t on the think dirty app 🤣

JL Connors says:

So trees are not natural because "forest fires"?

Mary Mendoza Fit says:

You can also put mustard on burns and it helps it 🤣

Olga G says:

no MLM fails video is complete without some hun "science" 😅

Stacy Logan says:

Whaattt..oil burns when you light it on fire? I had no idea! LOL. This says more about their product than anything, you have an oil and it doesn't burn? You sure that's an oil…….?

Oksana Nechitailo says:

"Don't give them your Biden Bucks!" 😂

Claudia Gordon says:

Walk the other way

hhrugger says:

"Real facts" 🤣
Funniest shit I have ever seen. Here's a newsflash. If you want the truth about something, you won't get it from an mlm hun.

Hampton Ivy says:

“You can work from anywhere!” apparently means “you have to work from everywhere” ☠️ if I’m at a wedding, I’m on the dance floor with my phone away, not working while everyone else is enjoying themselves! That sucks

hhrugger says:

Hahahaha "Make it good. Thank you very much" 🤣

BeYourOwnSunshine says:

I always watch your videos on my walks so I don’t usually see the video but the minute that girl said she got a burn I KNEW she was going to say rejuvinique oil healed her 🤦🏻‍♀️

Katherine Anne says:

Burns are supposed to blister. It means they’re healing. God these MLM Huns are so stupid 😂

MrsScorpionette says:

That whispery stuff from the first video… Good start! 😅

Maricella Mallett says:

If you made a reels video dancing like them and giving #facts 💀

Tell them about YOUR opportunity (spongebob imagination rainbow 🌈) Chelsea, the opportunity to stop scamming

The Highway Hippie says:

They love throwing around the words “residual income”. I wonder how many have looked up the definition for it. 🤦🏼‍♀️

Jessica Smith says:

It's like mama's who are SO intense about breastmilk. Have a cold? Snort breastmilk. Nappy rash? Breastmilk. toothache? Breastmilk. Allergic reaction? Breastmilk. Conjunctivitis? Breastmilk. Thrush? Breastmilk.
Me: breastmilk is like SO high in sugar, please don't put it on thrush. And please take yourself/your baby/partner/best friend to the doctors or buy some actual pharmacy cream.

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