TOP TOXIC MLM FAILS EXPOSED | Footage & Text Reaction | #2 #ANTIMLM

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Here we have a new series of exposing MLM Recruitment Tactics no matter the MLM. Specifically for this video we will be exposing some Slimy MONAT tactics. Grab your coffee yall.

Thank you for watching!

Deanna M

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Alex Victoria says:

If Monat aren't providing information to their MPs about what violation had occurred that cause their account to be suspended, and it looks to me like this woman has been making genuine efforts to find out, could it be that they don't really want to prevent the violations?

Martyna Sołtys says:

Haha, I love the way you "blurred" the faces 😂

DestinyKiller says:

In regards to the God chick – all I'm saying is "Pride goeth before the fall"

DestinyKiller says:

My mom and dad were collecting rocks (petoskeys, fossils, anything cool they found)and were getting so many they didn't know what to do with them. I suggested they sell them so they did.

They aren't doing it anymore but they did it for 5 years or so, hitting flea markets in the summer and running a shop out of our garage. It made a nice sideline because it was a super low overhead – gas money and sandpaper (they polished them by hand). They also sold them for a lot cheaper than you can generally find around here (medium sized tourist area).

They had to stop because they can't do the polishing anymore (and this year, of course, in general).

But it was theirs entirely

Cristen Faulkenberry says:

Can I just say, I love how excited you got for your weight gain in the last year! I'm so tired of being told weight is the 'ultimate indicator of health'. So tired of it. Only 20 minutes in and sticking in to see how this can get…. worse…..

Born Blazed says:

why do you blur the faces of these awful people?! there is no reason to blur faces you bimbo.

September Storrie says:

You’re going to make a fizz because you want to rank advance…not because you LIKE IT. Smh. Maybe she talks about her love of fizz in other videos, but it comes across not great for selling the product.

Leah Burns says:

I’m floored and it’s only 20 seconds in 🤦🏼‍♀️

Stacey U says:

I am a reseller on Poshmark and Mercari. I basically give unwanted clothes a new home. It started with me just clearing out my closet so there was no investment at the beginning. I would take pictures on my iPhone and as I started selling, I would buy some items I wanted…lights, mannequin, shipping supplies, etc. but it didn’t cost me ANYTHING to start.

When I would tell people that I was selling on Poshmark they’d be like…oh you sell Perfectly Posh? I was like, no lol. I didn’t even know that was an MLM.

ana perez says:

But yes the products are amazing so you can spend an average of 50.00 a month …

ana perez says:

You don’t pay a monthly fee in monat

ana perez says:

She has to ask her up line regarding her posts

ana perez says:

I Thought my friends and family will buy my products ?!!!???

Erin W says:

That chick who can’t wait to get to heaven so God can praise her for shilling dodgy oils – I can’t even 😂😂

alaskanbltundra says:

MLMs in the 1900s? 👀👀😆

carm says:

my god that young living lady is brainwashed

tia thomas says:

Who’s gonna tell these reps God won’t be congratulating them on scamming hundreds of people into joining and supporting an MLM???

tia thomas says:

The "reasons I want to start a YL business":
1. None
2. Absolutely none
3. There is literally not a single reason

Amy Dost says:

So odd that the YL Blonde Emma Stone keeps harping on how it's a great business model, because that's literally the biggest problem with MLMs…the business model is designed for 99% of people to fail 😅😂

Arun Gnanasekhar says:

hold up hold up hold up… everytime she signs up, is she becoming her downlines downline?!?!?! coz that wud be brutal but lowkey funny at the same time😅

Diana Theel says:

Also…. she said “your friends and family dont pay your bills”…….

Sorry to burst her bubble but In MLMs… they do.

Diana Theel says:

Totally off topic, but i want to start a YouTube channel and i was wondering what do you use to edit your videos?

San says:

Oh Young Living hun 🙄Have you been drinking your oils again!? Hate the religious stuff associated with MLM.

shroomchicachica says:

Can you research World Ventures? I was a rep in that mlm. I'd like to know what you think of that mlm please.

laura straub says:

sorta! i started my business for my business license fee which was 160 lol (i already had some camera gear + a computer from college)

i’m a boudoir & wedding photographer in kansas city!

A Darice says:

Day care is expensive but it doesn't last forever. My family doesn't want me to be scammed. There are better ways to make money from home.

KellyJo Boland says:

Lol Young Living… college friend promotes them, told me oils to use for acne, made it so much worse. This was two years ago, I am just now starting to recover.

Jase Holland says:

watches the first 6 seconds of this video
stops, drinks an entire beer
Me: "can't wait to get into heaven huh? this is gonna be good"
resumes video

Carlie Glass says:

You always take us to church D! YAS ❤️

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