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MLM Horror Stories and Experiences #18. Buckle Up For This ONE.

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Deanna M

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Deanna Mims says:

What story did you find the craziest?👇🏻

OfMothsandMoons says:

That girl's ex best friend is literally the worst person i've ever heard about. I 'm an artist and when my friends and family buy stickers or commissions from me, I'm like "Oh my god, no you don't have to! I don't want to take your money!" Meanwhile, this bitch is like "you owe me money because I'm your best friend and you need to support me." BITCH I could NEVER in my LIFE say what she said. What a disgusting, horrible human being. I'm so sorry for that girl's loss and I hope she's doing better now. I can't imagine going through the death of a close family member, and then having your supposed best friend shit all over you for an MLM…

Людмила Худобина says:

The very fact that somebody compared my profession, a teacher, with an MLM hunbot…and claimed that the second one is more important and helpful…that's simply infuriating. I have no polite words to react to it.

I am not the best teacher in the world, I'm not even the most hardworking one by any means, but I'd never do anything to harm my students, steal their money or feed them with lies to promote some crappy product. 😒 Or offend their relatives and neglect their feelings.

P.S. And the part about "stop having a pity party" – it's horrendous and extremely insensitive.

Emily-rose Simmons says:

can i still go get a chocolate bar im 8 months postpartum hahhahaha

Valerie K says:

Omg I had some leftover Shakeology I was going to drink during my pregnancy to make sure I get enough protein and my medical provider said absolutely not lol
She recommended eating whole foods and an alternative protein shake that is safe to consume during pregnancy. Apparently these shakes (Shakeology and probably Herbalife too) are really not safe during pregnancy

Dani C says:

Is that for real someone actually thinks it's ok to ask someone about their late parents death benefit? I mean… what? In what world is that even ok to think about asking. I cant believe that one. The responder was very polite I dont think I would've been that nice and I'm an empath like you. But in a situation like that I cant say I would have been too nice to the person.

Corinne Nicole says:

Welcome to Texas!

Chynna Carmen says:

I was dying laughing when you used Kimbyr as an example. 🤣🤣🤣 People are fucked up. These are SHITTY stories. I’m so glad you read these, makes me grateful to not be in an mlm anymore!!!

Samantha Schomberg says:

Do MLMers not realize that if there is a death in the family MOST times your ACTUAL JOB will let you off to go to a funeral and MOST times so do professors. Like omg 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

Brooke Liskey says:

I really hope that story with the dads benefit money was fake

A B says:

The dad story made me PISSED 😤
A. Teaching is not a cop out career. Teaching during a pandemic is not easy. Teaching is not easy. I have 36 students who are being taught online 3rd grade. If she’d like to teach them and figure that out she’s more than welcome.
B. Teachers don’t make enough money to buy $120 outfits. Because no one thinks we are worth it.
C. Death benefits. For fucking reallllll

simplybri says:

The story about the young lady losing her dad and being told by her "friend" its been 4 months get over it was triggering 🥴😔 my grandpa passed February 2019 it broke me. I cried everyday for a year, had bits of rage, phases of disbelief, etc. I'm still in the grieving process I couldn't imagine how I would react if my "friend" told me to get over my pity party.

JensAwake says:

Holy shit! Using a funeral to sell yo' crap? Let's play the game of 'How low can you go'!!

Nancy S says:

Telling a mother/daughter to get over their husbands/ dads death and stop having a pity party. There is so much wrong with that I don't know where to start.

Heather Rodrigues says:

I truly look forward to all your content but fridays are my favorite. Love you gurlll

EuphoricJazz says:

I've been watching your videos for the last few months and I keep wondering to myself "Why haven't I subscribed yet?" Girl you earn a new subbie! you speak the truth!!

Heather Rodrigues says:


Mistertbones says:

Regina sounds like a really nice lady. If you couldn't tell, that was sarcasm.

Powerlifting pr 300kg deadlifting pr 250kg says:

For haters,science is way over their heads XD WoOoOoOoOoohhh nervousness, Accelerated heartbeat, tremors, insomnia, headache, excessive sweating, cramps, nausea. Trenbolone and lockdown People get mad when I say this, but it’s true. Skinny doesn’t equal healthy. Healthy is when you eat good and stop putting crap in your body!1. Not subscribing to this channel.

2. No liking this video.

3. Not listening to their advice.

4. Not owning a pair of blue shorts….

Bonnie Brown says:

The last story hit some heart strings to. Seriously, people need to know when to stop.

Brittany Williams says:

I am disgusted with the 'teaching is a cop out career' I cannot believe someone even thinks that let alone says that to someone who is your best friend. I can't even!

Bianca van Ewijk says:

The only thing about the pregnancy was that I couldn't drink coffee after I took the test, I was already 7 weeks pregnant at that time. Cravings are real I still have a deep love for creme puffs but she was also craving avocado. She is 6 week old already. The huns are out of their mind.

Crispy Piano says:

I've seen Pampered Chef stuff in Wal Mart didn't know it was an mlm…the more you know.

Crispy Piano says:

My mom was a teacher

Bonnie Brown says:

OMG. That is literally one of the worst stories. That poor girl! I'm really sorry about your dad, she deserves to take literally all the time she needs and wants to grieve. That person who is trying to recruit her is in way to deep into that stupid mlm and she needs a reality check!

Leah Burns says:

Fridays with Deanna are my favorite!!!!! ☕️😻

Chelsea Vega-Mitchell says:

"you can work from your bed, you can work from the airport, you can work…."

🤣🤣 Should've been "You'll have to work from your bed, the airport, etc" to make money in this side hustle

Faith Goga says:

I saw someone in my estate selling essential oils for $5 and a bracelet that has a sanitizer spray 30 ml for $10

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