Tyra Banks’ Failed MLM

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Update on Casper: Puppy is doing better. We should get results by Friday (fingers crossed) if the little guy will need surgery or not
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Kees Kees says:

Never liked her nor think she is remotely pretty or atractive ..just a dumb rich kid …

prismstudios001 says:

Late70’s,early80’s MLMs: Crown cleaning products,and the home and holiday decor that were sold at Tupperware- like home parties. My mom got sucked into both when I was a kid. Nasty stuff, all of it….And shady as Hell…

Ay Vi says:

Mama Banks: Honey, you are making a pyramid scam…
Mama Banks as she leaves the room: Thank God I made you pretty….

Ay Vi says:

So, Tyra, do you want to approach normal everyday women or professional models?
Tyra: Yes.
Ok…. will you "help them" be their own boss or you will supervise them and advise them?
Tyra: also yes.
confused picatsu face
Tyra: they also dont need to know make up. But they will sell professional equipment.

Xaodzilla says:

I unironically love getting ads for MLMs (and MLM software in my case) on Blair’s videos

suzy klitgaard says:

Need I say more?

Dustyn Vega says:

What's an MLM? I'm confused.

Super Natural Goddess says:

It’s almost like that Harvard class was “scamming 101”. Suddenly, I don’t think Naomi Campbell was wrong.

Sheena Lee says:

I never laughed so hard at the commercials in this video 🤣🤣🤣

Leslie says:

it confuses me why you kept saying trainer when it clearly didn't say trainer

Lucky Me says:

She’s just another Hollywood elite who sold her soul for fame. She’s fake. Just like the rest of them.

Arcade Rat says:

Didn't she also require the models in the video to wear butt padding and made one of them sit out when they refused to wear the padding?

A. Holmes says:

Don't stare too hard at the promotions, they look like mind control tools.

David Brown says:

"Underage sex." The human civilization derived from it. Fortunately or not.

John Mar Cervantes says:

Can you do pudipie pls

Vdee1987 says:

So i thought everyone remembered this ha

Cat the Hufflepuff says:

tbh I do think Tyra is weird and awkward af irl I mean look at those commercials. lmaoooo she just happens to be gorgeous so she gets away with it. if she looked regular everyone would be able to see what a weirdo she is.

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