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$99 starter kit is promotion till March 31, 2019


kaylee heather says:

Wow great price for what you get. You should get ahold of them and see if the fall/winter books are still good, and if not tell them that you got a few packs and ask why? Then they might send you out the new ones. When I joined avon they did that 3 campaigns behind and gave me like 25 of each and they couldnt be used so they gave me more of the ones that were in. I deff love some of the pieces. Not something I could ever buy 🙁 But deff cute. Thanks for showing us 🙂

asilva anil says:

Nice dear….

Michele Tallent says:

Nice! I am going to check this out myself!! Thanks Lori! Also, you doing beautiful? What’s your secret?? ?

Mary Ellen Durso says:

Looking really good Lori – I know how hard it is.

Bree Wright says:

I'm going to look into Chloe and Isabel

Kiki K Darling says:

I had them on my radar but wanted to wait and see more. Thank you for featuring!!! ?

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