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Free to join. 2 optional starter kit to choose


Monique L. says:

I received the Small kit.. The tarts & candles are stronger than the samples but the samples till have the scent.

enkilKINGofKEMET says:

I just got the Lilac and Sugary Pink candles, and they smell amazing! I don't know if you're still active but they have Essential Oils and Diffusers now too!
If you go to the Aromatherapy tab they even have roll on essential oils!

enkilKINGofKEMET says:

I LOVE the way they package, nothing I've ordered has some damaged or messy!

Tina Guffee says:

Those sachet with the aroma beads make awesome car air fresheners

Jennifer Pettit says:

I've been a consultant with Country Scents Candles since August of 2017. I love this company!! We also now have a sister company called Country Suds. The new company is bath and body products. Those products are also hand made and all natural. Awesome companies! Check them out!

Kiki K Darling says:

Just signed on earlier. I'll get the large kit next month. At that time I will also sign up for Perfectly Posh. I may do one more company then work them all to see how I do. Great video!!!

Rea Cheatham says:

"It smells like butterflies and dreams." ??? You crack me up. Love your videos. I sell Country Scents, and I bought the $50 kit. I also think the samples have less scent than the full size product. I've been very happy with all my purchases though.

Silvernix says:

Love the direct sales videos.

loulu85 says:

I love your direct sale kit unboxings!

Donna Rizzo says:

1009 and growing!!! ??❤️???

Sara Lucier says:

You can click on the link

Catherine Dean says:

Also congrats on 1k!

Catherine Dean says:

Yay! So glad to see another direct sales starter kit unboxing and more to come. I love these and have missed them. And yes, sachet is pronounced sash-eh (eh, like a Canadian might say, or a long A sound, or shea butter).

EMS Paramedic says:

The word is pronounced Sa-shea (sachet). I love candles!

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