Unboxing Fall 2018 Thirty One Direct Sales Starter Kit. Great Companion To Other DS Business

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live lifetothefullestt124 says:

how long did it take for you to get it ?

Linda Koby says:

I so tempted to kit nap! Lol

Kiki K Darling says:

Definitely worth looking into. I probably wouldn't sell it. As you know NYC folks are picky. In my hood (Bronx), they'd rather spend under $5. in the Dollar Junction then any quality bags from thirty-one. I would probably get the kit for me! Great presentation!!! ?

Paula Schultz says:

I disagree with the quality I purchased a wristlet used it for a little over a year the wrist strap started to fray. Contacted my rep she him hawed said she would get back to me never did. For the price they charge I would think it would last more than a year. Lost me as a customer for future purchases

Silvernix says:

Great video!

Evelyn Cazares says:

Thank you for always being true about stuff I really appreciate that from you my friend

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