Verb Introduces Pulse: The Ultimate Feature For Direct Sales Entrepreneurs

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verbCRM is the ultimate app for direct sales entrepreneurs.

Let’s face it: finding new customers is hard, and social media doesn’t always cut it. With Verb – the all-in-one CRM and lead generation tool – you can easily find leads, manage your contacts lists, send personalized messages to your prospects, and much more!

Introducing the newest feature from Verb: Pulse.

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One Strike One Kill AKA says:

Zoom can’t do this!

One Strike One Kill AKA says:

Gmail next?

One Strike One Kill AKA says:

Multi Billion co in the future!

Amar Trumic says:

Where’s the deal with Microsoft?

susan bennett says:

Excellent update on verb product

Abraham Mendez says:

To the moon🔥🔥🚀🚀 the future is here !

Jerald Wood says:

Very impressive

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