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We love a good team call! We are back at it again today with a fan fav. I hope you all enjoy!
Remember, pyramid schemes are illegal! #antimlm
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I’m Emily. I’m a twenty-something originally from Michigan that moved across the country to Little Rock, Arkansas. I create beauty, fashion, lifestyle, ANTI-MLM and relatable content! Don’t forget to subscribe and leave a comment! I hope you stick around and thanks for supporting me ❤️


Mo says:

This “no means not right now” thing really infuriates me…

darkmanx2g says:

From what I get from MLMs theyre more stressed than actually regular 9-5 jobs because they always have to meet their quota and spend money to keep active in the MLM. They also work more than a regular job but not compensated at times.

Ciara Cairns says:

Someone needs to tell these people that No means No. Hope they aren't teaching their kids this rape culture "No doesn't mean No it means not right now" bulshit.

Georgia Rose says:

you would look so good in puppy dog eyeliner

R. Lynn says:

I know she is from Canada so she has no way of knowing, but I got a kick out of when she compared connecting to the people in her tometown to connecting with a state. My hometown has 40,000 people and my home state has 11 million people. Imagine trying to network all those people lol.

Simmer Sam says:

Love your videos. You are so funny.
Just found out my two co workers, 2 of their friends are a part of 2 MLM. 😮

Shannon S says:

That girl who filmed her baby the whole time was SUPER distracting! Like girl prop the damn phone up & stop moving! She clearly wasn't paying attention at all lol

WickedSkittle says:

I was a consultant for almost a year…..I never once asked my family or friends or pressured them to join. I didnt want to train and supervise and i didnt join to harass people
I was with them for a year. I joined because I bought a lot of products, and I could get deals. I had a few people buy from me, but i didnt make much.
For the first 3 months the lady I signed up under, pressured and pressured me to keep asking people to join. And if I didn't want to have downlines, send her. And after a while her and her cronies stopped bothering me.

The COVID hit and I stopped buying. And now I get emails every few hours about coming back

Julie Ann says:

I have a coworker who does Scentsy. She has to pay more money than she takes in from it to keep her status.

Michelle March says:

I’m just trying to imagine why anyone would think they know more than like maybe 1-2 people in their life who would actually spend money on scented wax cubes. The last time I bought them was from like bed bath and beyond 4 years ago. And not only has no one ever been in my home and asked where they could get their own warm pool of scented melty wax… I still have like half the pack left. So you know the returning customer base is like .. 0.

Michelle March says:

It’s insane. This woman is freakin intelligent. And has a clear talent. Shame she decided to join a cultish pyramid scheme instead of using her skills in a beneficial field. I’m just a bit baffled how someone so smart decided to join an MLM. Craziness.

Is Me says:

Love this vid and the MAKEUP! Your eyes are soo stunning!!

Jasmine Segovia says:

Why did the ‘09’ blocks behind the blonde woman’s head change to ‘12’ shortly after the “guest speaker” was introduced?!

Google User says:

Just FYI, I am a scentsy rep In the US and this doesn’t not represent us. Nobody i know involved with Scentsy that I know of does this BS

thehibernatingturtle says:

That lady sounds like Nina Blackwood

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