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A little bit of insight into my thoughts, motives, and hopes for this channel! Let me know how you got into the anti-MLM world in the comments.

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Anna Sisk says:

Are actually the same person?? Don’t tell me you’re also studying math.

adrienne stronczek says:

Yesssss! This resonates with me. Just got nasty comments tonight for not buying into shakeology.

Natalie Medina says:

The parallels between the psychology of the church and MLM culture are definitely true. So much of it is rooted to the social pressures of community and friendships. It’s really scary that this level of cult-like brainwash is so common and normalized. I am so sorry to know of your long term trauma with the church, I would be interested to listen to your experience if you are in the emotional space to do share.


Do you do YouTube collabs or need a shout out?

Wurdnurd's Guide to Life says:

Re: your deconversion. There is a fairly large ex-theist/atheist community on Youtube who can help you with resources, and the community is always looking for new voices. Personally, hearing stories from younger female would be a refreshing change to the the majority of videos. Please don't be afraid to speak on your experiences, whatever they may be!

Brittney Van Buskirk says:

I got pulled into a couple of MLMs because if my ex and his family. It was so toxic and we spent so much unnecessary money and made nothing.. I despise them.
ALSO now being a military spouse, they are HUGE throughout the community and it is toxic enough as is but it’s even worse now that if you’re not “supporting the small business of milspouses”, you’re not welcome in the community. It has kept me from getting involved in a community I just moved to. So that all just sucks.

bryan miscellany says:

Fun MLM story. I worked with this girl and we were friends and all. When she found out I became single we went out to a bar and later that night we hooked up, not a huge surprise she was flirting with me for weeks and she pretty much took advantage of me while I was drunk and vulnerable. But that’s besides the point. Anyway I felt like we were moving towards like starting a relationship or at least seeing each other. Sooooo. The day after we hooked up she calls me to hang out and I tell her I can’t as I have some things going on that day. She calls me the NEXT day to bring me on to a sales pitch for the MLM she was in. When I told her I wasn’t interested she stopped talking to me. She hooked up with me only to recruit me. 😂

Erica Pembleton says:

Love you tik tok vids! Can you do a video on tranont? Someone tried to get me to “get paid to drive a Jeep” sounds super fishy lol

Alyssa Wright says:

I’ve never heard you really mention Rodan and Fields. What’s your opinion on that?

Andrew Pagonis says:

Great video and SUCH an important message to keep sending out there. There more of us Anti-MLMers (YouTubers, bloggers, followers) out there, the more chance there is for these companies to be restricted in their predatory practices. The industry needs to be restructured and held accountable.

Ginger s says:

You are so so right!!!! Just recently I've really paid attention to all the mlms that run rampant through my church….all of them are in my church…the travel mlms…the oils…children's books…lularoe…monat…beach body…plexus…Herbalife…

The most disturbing….a woman in my church sells Mary kay….my 17 year old daughter wants to major in technical theater in college…..which includes makeup artistry….my daughter is really good at makeup application…including prosthetics….this woman approached my 17 year old daughter….trying to pursway her to shill Mary kay….and make social media videos on application techniques……

Everyone is a target….funny thing…since my daughter told her no….we haven't heard from her….

Sandeep Chowdhury says:

omg hahaha this explains so much! I've also come over from tiktok because I absolutely love your militant approach to MLMs and I 100% agree with you- they're terrible businesses and cult like. I don't exactly relate but I did have a few friends that joined MLMs and I was met with hostility after telling them it's a PYRAMID SCHEME… Arbonne and Younique are the biggest offenders here in the UK. Anyway thanks for making these vids. Everything you say is true, can't wait for your channel to blow up

s s says:

Keep doing this! There are probably so many people out there that resonate with you and probably a lot that could use your experiences (whether with dealing with MLMs or the evangelical church or any other experiences you would like to talk about) to help them with what they are going through!

I grew up in a small conservative town (in TX) and knew of families in MKay and Avon and Tupperware. Fortunately when I left for college I didn’t really hear or have to deal with MLMs too much, but I had several classmates who joined. So I know people who have been in one after another after another (one particular friend started in MK, then joined Rhodan&Fields, then LuLu). I moved to a small conservative town (in WA) after college and have been to PChef and Lulu and R&F parties because I wanted to support the people I was getting to know in my town. Reading posts on Facebook about BBody or Thrive (although that’s not huge anymore) gets irritating too. But nowadays if I get invited I say no. Or ignore them if it’s a virtual party now with Rona. But, I don’t have the courage to let them know how these companies that they work for are scammers and unethical and unchristian in many ways. So kudos to you! Keep it up!

Ana Zavala says:

I love your perspective girl! keep the videos coming. MLMs drive me crazy. If I get asked if I want to be a boss babe one more time .. omg 😫

WonderbreadX says:

Love your content on MLM and your not wrong about church Especially non denominations in small towns what's known as a family church often creat a Doctrine that they want new supporters and get mean when you leave sometime pastor Nd leader of the church will attack peopl who leave. But know that not the ture Christians faith or beliefs but a horrible Mutilation of the faith. It a big problem in America with the different ideas of Christianity.

anna mydonick says:

aight let’s talk about lime life next 😅

Emma - wir uns kennenlernen says:

0:52 Staffelung

Erin Vaughn says:

Thank you for this!!! I love your content and find it so enlightening. You’re so sharp and smart – keep the videos coming! ❤️❤️

Morgan H says:

YES girl keep up the good work!! If a job offer/post uses vague deception and manipulative tactics to get you to apply or look into it then you should absolutely run the other way. No legitimate “business” needs to trick people in to joining. Period.

Gabbie says:

I have a similar experience with them being a part of my childhood too. It hurts to see friend’s parents fall victim especially in a vulnerable state.

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