Why I Quit Mary Kay – ANTI MLM (Updated)

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Sharing Beauty says:

I’ll be your friend 😊

Rachel Odegard says:

Your experience is identical to mine, 20 years old, except I was a sucker to go to the seminar. I was so naive and it also was the first anxiety and debt experience I had. It always felt “too good to be true” or awkward. To this day, 20 years later my previous director still tries to recruit me again. I feel like just a business opportunity.

Eric Gentzke says:

People actually say you didn’t try hard enough? Who do these people think they bothering people to buy their low quality ass bullshit they could easily get online? If any amateur ass salesperson comes up to me on the street I’ll fuckin deck em. I have a computer I don’t need a useless twit to find products for me or excuse me “consult” me… consult… it’s make up and protein shakes if I wanted a consultant id idk see a make up artist or a dietician??!??

Gillot Familia says:

Some of you keep talking about Mary kay been a pyramid scam… Mary Kay was built to encourage and embrace women. We are not obligated to buy inventory that’s something you choose to do. Training is found everywhere. You have to find your crowd the same way all this big corporations do except you are your own advertisement. Every job out there is a pyramid there is always someone on top 🤦🏽‍♀️ why is called your own business because u do with it what you want you build your schedule, you put your own goals. If you don’t have a visual goal it ain’t going to work, if you don’t go out there and approach people it ain’t going to work. You need lead boxes and warm chatters. I’m happy for the leaders I have. Success is what you make of it.

Carol Slavens says:

I love MK products and have used them forever and still do! Unfortunately, I had a similar experience during a short stint as a MK consultant. I DID spend the money to attend the convention in Dallas 🙁 It was fun and stories were inspiring, but I felt out of place and since I was doing MK part-time (I had a full-time job), I could not see myself ever qualifying for a car or anything else for that matter! I felt so relieved when I got out of it. I am really better off just as a customer.


My mom loves mary kay she works for them

Allen Fitch says:

17:28 This happened to me also! But on Tinder. I thought the person was actually interested in me but NOOOO he wanted to talk about me joining his Primerica firm 🙂🧐

Tia Thomas says:

Mary Kay is NOT MLM it’s direct sales very different. I joined MK in the late 90’s and I was not trained properly didn’t make much money. Training and getting off To a good start I key. I feel for you because clearly you needed help, especially with self love. I will tell you I joined the MLM industry and became a documented multiple 6 figure income earner. So there is hope. PS when you do tutorial videos it’s sales my friend they are just not paying you. Some you YouTubers do get a referral free but some don’t and you are doing sales. So maybe if you had taken your MK business to your Chanel and did product review you would have gotten sales.

Tamika Jones says:

Wow I can so relate… I thought a person could get involved because of the fun you have and new people you can meet… Honestly it does feel like borderline harassment…

Hippie Life says:

A friend got me into Mary Kay 2 months ago. I am already wanting to quit. I cannot get anyone to buy anything. I work graveyard shift, so I only socialize with about 4 people that work the graveyard shift also. Even on my day off I sleep during the day and stay up all night. I cannot do parties or consults. I have been trying my Facebook friends but they are not buying. Yes I regret to say I fell for the Mary Kay Scam. Thank You for your story.

Esther Perez says:

Did you get your money back from your starter kit?

Noel Uchendu says:

My sister just joined this, and I havent told her yet that I think its an MLM and that she should quit. Im trying to assemble some evidence and horror stories as well as anti- MLM content. Can anyone help me?

Carlos Cepeda says:

I worked for Mary Kay as a Distribution Supervisor for 8 years, they are a cult. Their Career Conferences are just a huge brain washing meetings.

Susann Ramén says:

I dropped out due to my depression… my mom financed my Mary Kay journey about 3 000 dollars in total. It went so far that our relationship fell apart, it’s better now.. but it’s something I wish didn’t happened. My biggest issue is how one makes the money, my sales director was like another mother – kind, understanding, no pressure of sales. She wanted me to thrive, but just like you I felt ashamed, uncomfortable and anxious when I went to the conferences and meetings. The make up they sale is meh, aside from the liquid liner and mascaras. I do like the skin care and might support a former colleague rather than get back on the train again. Thank you for sharing your story! ❤️

Nicole P says:

I invested an embarrassing amount in inventory too😩 it turned me off and after I got my inventory I didn’t have any motivation to sell it. I’m sorry this happened to you too

Julie Waldroup says:

Wonder how these dumb conferences are doing in the pandemic.

Pamela McCarter says:

I absolutely understand why you feel the way you do…
You had a pushy director and you weren't strong enough to say no.
You also didn't know that you didn't have to keep inventory on hand. Sure it's more convenient for customers, but their product could've been ordered and delivered by the company. But I'm sure you knew that.
Sales clearly wasn't for you. And that's ok. But for you to dissuade someone else from trying it out is a shame. You learned some hard lessons. You should've had a director that was more interested in your well being than her own pockets. Not all directors are like that.
But don't sit there and bash ALL mlm businesses. Not even MK. You didn't treat it like a business so you didn't get the full experience. Businesses are never part time. If you had wanted to be one of those success stories, you would have nurtured your business like a farmer tends to their crops. Instead, you treated it like a hobby. Hobbies will always cost you money and will never put any $ back in your pockets.

Joy Barr says:

My mom was a MK consultant when I was in middle school and I love the products & got to help her with parties. It was so fun for me! Shortly after I got married, I went with a friend to a bridal show for her wedding and signed up to win a free facial! The MK consultant came to my house she was very nice, showed me how to use the products (everything was a bit different from before). I only ordered a mask I think. She stayed in touch and invited me to a consultant meeting. It was at her directors house. It was a lot of fun! I really liked the products, thought I could do this!! I signed up!! I was about 25. I was also told I needed inventory so I spent what we could “afford “ being newly married. Now I could talk all day about MK products!! I loved pretty much all of it! But to be in front of a small group of women & run a class was quite nerve wracking. I didn’t want to sound like I was “selling “ something. I just wanted to share with people these products I loved. Now the women who recruited me lived an hour away & this was early 2000’s. There was not a lot of communication or training. I didn’t have all the tools I really needed to be successful, including self confidence. I quit. I didn’t hate MK, the company, the products or my recruiter. Fast forward several years, a job or two, some kiddos…I met this super fun woman while working at a church. Turned out she was a MK consultant!! I really wanted a few things. It had been several years since I had used anything. She had a girls night at her house and it was so fun! She talked about the products, her career in the business, her family…I signed up again!! I mainly wanted to get products at a discount. A few months beforehand she sent me a message and we talked about the business. I told her that I had tried before but it didn’t last long. She explained so much to me that I didn’t know & wasn’t told the first time around!! So far I am loving my MK business, even through this pandemic!!! The group of ladies I get to work with are so helpful, kind & encouraging!!! So, 2 tries with MK, 2 totally different experiences!! We need to remember that we’re all human, we make mistakes, our lives change, we go through joy, pain, loss…Every job/business will have ups & downs too. It’s really how we as individuals handle those changes that determine the outcome. I’m sorry your experience with MK was not what you hoped for & I pray you have found your passion & absolutely love what you’re doing!! 💗

Jordan Williams says:

your eye makeup is EVERYTHING!

Jocelyn Sim Meow Ying says:

Trapping is at invest inventory

Melena Ly says:

My dads cousin signed on to Mary Kay and she has won two cars and gets payed thousands of dollars every month and also lives pretty fancy!!! My mom has just signed in to Mary Kay and loves it but that business isn’t for everyone

esscentiallyeric says:

Thanks for you honesty! I will say not all direct sales companies are like MK. I became a consultant and I was turned off by the inventory thing. I'm a Scentsy consultant and my recruiter was basically trying to get my to quit Scentsy and sell MK full time. That REALLY turned me off. She just wants to be a director. I am considering quitting MK and just purchasing products from someone in my area.

Haibara Ai says:

Mary kay is direct selling.

Caring Love says:

Avon better quality and more variety.

Caring Love says:

How do you join in L.A.?

Caring Love says:

I have a BA in Psychology. Let me know, if, you need a Tutor.

Caring Love says:

Are you a make up Artist?

Don & Lora Bauer says:

I wish you the best and hope that you have come out of all of this and have become a success yourself. I sell for two companies I am not a shallow person and never pressure anyone into buying. My comments to you come with deep sincerity and no ulterior motives. Thank you for being genuine and sharing your heart! You are helping others to think before making wrong decisions for themselves.

Don & Lora Bauer says:

Also, I get sick of hearing ladies feeling scammed by Mary Kay that’s why I’m hearing you out. I’d like to change the way things are approached. Women should feel blessed not oppressed or pressured or scammed.

Don & Lora Bauer says:

I’m so sorry you had this experience! I’m a MK consultant right now and decided to hear you out. I’ve experienced some of these emotions as well but when I decided to run my business my own way and not pressure people to buy and just sell to those interested in the products only, I have become successful and love it. I can see the reason that you quit and admire you for stepping out and taking care of yourself. It is for some people and it is NOT for others. You should NEVER have to pay to go to a MK meeting BTW. Sounds like you had an irresponsible director for putting so much pressure on you instead of taking care of you in your time of need.

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