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This video is to take a quick break from the NXIVM series just for a hot second. That series is getting heavy so I wanted something a little light hearted today.

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If you’re curious to where the 99% statistic comes from (with the reps making little to no money)here you go:
That statistic comes from a report done by Jon M. Taylor PhD called “the Case (For And) Against Multi-Level Marketing” which the FTC studied and verified. The report in entirety can be found on the FTC website (which I will leave linked below for you). The report is 40 pages long so if you are only looking for the statistic skip to Chapter 7: MLM’s abysmal numbers. His statistics were independently verified by other experts prior to being given to the FTC as listed in the appendix. Other experts such as Robert Fitzpatrick have also done their own independent studies and came up with the exact same numbers.

FTC: MLM vs Pyramid Scheme article


Elegia says:

I really hate those rank names. Why are majority of them just diamonds? If they would use more kinds of gemstones they wouldn't have to come up with stupid names like Presidential diamond. I would rather be painite, the rarest gem mineral on earth… It would also symbolize how MLM reps are pain in the ass. 😁

Eleanor Addy says:

I've come to terms with not having a garden and living in a flat. There's lots of upside 👍

Eleanor Addy says:

Loving todays look! 👍❤

Eleanor Addy says:

Average? As opposed to what? Destitute?

TheMatchaMO says:

Damn when that homeless mama was asking for help and that mlm hun only saw it as a big dollar sign is so freakin sad. Straight up broke my heart 🥺

tiny crimester says:

better average than garbage (¬‿¬)

My name is chair says:

One of the weirdest things to ever experience is an mlm rep waiting for you to turn old enough to sign up. I went through that.
My mom was was only excited for me to turn 16 to sign me up and the whole time leading up to it I felt so grossed out. I was uncomfortable and I just let her sign me up and I regret it now because I felt like I had no say in what happens. I was forced to do deeply embarrassing things as showing the product catalogue to my friends and teacher, I was asked to share mom's posts and even write emails. It felt humiliating because I felt like I was taking advantage of my friends. I am from a small town so no one is truly rich here and I felt horrible asking my friends to buy things when I knew their home situation. I was told to get over my fear, that they won't attack or hurt me for asking but it hurt inside to do that. The entire time I was surrounded by those people, being told about this buisness and that I will grow up wealthy and successful because I am starting early. I didn't listen because I had untreated mental illnesses along with social anxiety so a job involving harassing people into buying is a huge no for me.
My passion is art and I felt like they were deciding a career for me when it is absolutely not what I want. It took a few fights with my persistent mom until she left me alone about working this. But she continued to say stuff like "If you did this business you would be so successful" yeah whatever all because I know English. I had no interest in the product, the buisness was confusing and talking to people is my biggest nightmare. I have no idea how exactly I managed but I avoided being brainwashed into this from the ripe age of 12 or even younger. I only have terrible feelings remembering that part of my life, I truly felt like I had no voice or opinion.

cozy cas says:

My best friends younger sister who is in high school has been recruited by Nu skin, along with one of her friends in her class. I find it so disgusting they are preying on highschoolers

Marie Americus says:

Happy Birthday Violet!! 🥳 Your hair is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!! 💝 I Love it!! I hope you had a wonderful day!! 🤗

Telka Pesklevits says:

I can't get over your shirt. It' so fun! I love bright hair with bright clothes 🖤

Kirsten R says:

Off topic – I LOVE YOUR SHIRT!!!

Tucson Razorbacks says:

Women dominate MLM. Good to see that not everyone are winners at the expense of those less fortunate losers because that’s the real truth and most westerners are accepting of it. With depression inundating the common worker bee, it’s sad to see the arrogance of the business class who use and profit off the lessor. Everyone needs to learn minimalism and stop buying and consuming

Owl Scarey says:

Good point! Owning your own business isn’t for everyone. Working for someone else has its benefits too. It’s just a matter of preference, neither is better or worse.

thefaceofinsecurity says:

I can 100% abso-fucking-lutely guarantee that IW rep doing the QA had girls under her pretend to be people interested. I’ve been blocked by so many reps for commenting under their comments when fellow distributors pretend to be interested and I’m like “but you already sell it tho?” They get maaaaaad 😂

Elizabeth Villafañe says:

Where did you get that top? I'm obsessed!

Tatjana Milenaa says:

If she got recruited at 18, she’s not gonna get out. I mean at least not for a long time. I don’t know how old she is now, but I remember how naïve and impressional and stubborn I was from 18 to about 25 😂

H.M. says:

30:39 I think the word you're looking for is "litigious" 🙂

Deb says:

Kids need fresh vegetables, whole grains, and fruits, not shakes.

Jan Cerny says:

Question: when did "average" become a toxic idea? Only a few people can be "best," by definition. As long as you're good enough to satisfy yourself, or pull down money at what you're doing, be happy with that.

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