🏆 How Ravindra Nath (Non-Techie) turned Digital Network Marketer? | DNA Hall of Fame

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In this video, i am having conversation with Mr. Ravindra Nath from Indore.
He is DNA Hall of Fame achiever. In Network marketing business since 2013. Managing team of 2000 business associates. 6 Figure earner.

Connect with Mr. Ravindra Nath
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theravindranath
Youtube: https://youtube.com/channel/UCCvnhmScFHDgFT_LkBD664g

Join community of 400+ network marketing professionals who are building business 100% online.
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🏆 What is DNA Hall Of Fame?
Digital Networker Academy is a set of online videos lessons, private facebook group & weekly community meetup on zoom.

Started by Tarun Agarwal in July 2019. Following strong values like freedom. stability, team work, world class quality.

DNA Hall of fame is achievement (milestone) of community members who make Rs. 30,000/- per month for 3 consistent months. This enables a strong principle of consistency & stability.

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Tarun Agarwal says:

Join DNA Club Community : https://bit.ly/3bxQIVt

David Legend says:

Sir can you please help me get into business

Arshdeep Singh says:

I don't have laptop 💻 can i join dna club?

Harjeet Singh says:

His youtube channel link is not working sir….

Harjeet Singh says:

Wonderful 💯

Vikram Khandelwal says:

Extremely Valuable and Practical 👌

Khushi Patel says:

Wow sir very nice interview

Abid Ansari says:

Awesome interview sir keep it up

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