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Deanna Mims says:

TO CLARIFY: I WILL STILL BE DOING MLM CONTENT!!!! Please don’t think I’m not!

Remember this video is based on MY feelings & nobody else’s, it’s not to start drama or anything but I want to express myself. Don’t go assuming who I’m speaking of or anything. If others want to speak out they can & if they don’t want to than I support them. So please remember that no creator has to speak out. Those who want to will when they are ready IF they even want to speak about it. They are human. Always remember that💗. I love you guys so much!!

Emily Creque says:

I love your style of videos. I find them entertaining AND educational. You are so funny and kind and spunky. And you are definitely my fav anti MLM YouTube ❤️

Tahlia Chapman says:

I'd love to see some new content from you. Just so you know, my kids absolutely love listening to your voice in the background.

Amber Keen says:

Holy cow I had no idea of all the drama and ugliness going on! I personally love your voice, your content, and your take on things!! Keep being a light on here, and I can’t wait to see what other content you come out with 😘 Do you, Boo!

Seattle Gill says:

Just popping in to say that your eyebrows look really good in this video

Edit : they always do but they looking like twins today 😂❤️

Sarah K says:

#og, but I'm a newer viewer, and I love your content!

Danielle Potter says:

#OG you’re my favorite so relatable!

Shann Cimakasky says:

I’m sorry but for someone to say something on the way you speak .. Is a RACIST.. sorry I said it.. Girl you be you.. I can tell you are not being fake with the way you speak. You are the funniest girl on YouTube. I watch you because of the way you speak.. You are AWESOME. Don’t change because of a RUDE bitch. We (all your fans) LOVE you..

Sarah Yount says:


I’m so glad you talked about this, especially because I am very much against the MLM structure and business practices but I’ve been so torn because my mom has been using young living essential oils for probably 16-17 years. They honestly work and have helped me so much with symptoms from my period, headaches, nausea, helping recover from being sick with a cold or flu. They aren’t a miracle worker but they do make a difference. My mom is technically a distributor for the discount but has never once been pushed or encouraged to work the business and she doesn’t sell to anyone, she strictly buys for herself. We know many other people who do the same thing and none of them have been big on recruiting or make a business out of it they simply believe in the product and have seen benefits from them. My mom can ask any of them questions and no one says oh I don’t make money off of you, go ask the person above you. It’s very much been just a community of people who want to look at clean holistic health and minimizing chemicals. We don’t ingest them, make crazy claims or anything else so it’s been hard for me to watch so many people hate on young living so much when my experience with them and the product has been so different. I’m not saying they structure things correctly, or that their distributors can’t be problematic because I know many are, but I just haven’t known anyone who has pushed the business or made any big claims. So I appreciate you saying that you don’t hate on people for using the products cause I felt like I was so wrong for continuing to use these products and my mom using them while not agreeing with the MLM structure. I hope that will change, and that with more education and awareness there will be a better future with these companies. But thanks for sharing this and all the other topics you addressed.

Sorry for the essay 😂🤦🏽‍♀️

Shann Cimakasky says:

Oh no I hope you don’t stop doing anti MLM .. you are so funny and my BEST YouTuber ..

Shann Cimakasky says:

I really wish I can catch you LIVE.. 😔

Elyse Redwine says:

I liked this video but I personally disagree about the whole “we don’t need to tell people not to buy from MLMs” because Jaclyn Hill has millions of followers and should be doing more research about what she recommends. Anyone who disagrees with multi level marketing should not ever purchase from an MLM because you’re supporting these billion dollar industries and making them even bigger than they already are.

Ginger Jessie Talks says:

Oooo girl this is the most serious I've ever seen you and oh gosh I would not want to get on your bad side, lol. Good thoughts and analysis. Do what's best for you and be yourself or not, whatever makes you feel safe and happy. ♥️♥️

Shannon Hammond says:

Deep dive in to juice plus+. I used to be a rep.

Haley O. says:

Totally agree with the comment that just because you put yourself out there does not mean that you consent to getting harassed. One of the things that I worry about as a creator (albeit on Instagram, not so much here lol) is that day that'll come when someone gets mean and maybe goes for the ad hominem attacks. I'm so sensitive that I just know that I'll internalize it and it'll affect my whole day. But you making this video reminds me that this is a common theme amongst us as anti-MLM creators and that we are all standing in solidarity together. Anyways, Deanna, thanks for everything you do, and thanks for this video!!

r0bbinz says:

#OG. You da shit, btw!

Samantha G says:

#og girllll

Monica Siembieda says:

#OG ❤️❤️ thank you for this video. Also, I'm so sorry you had to deal with that thing on reddit. That's just horrible, especially because it affected you that much 😔

Deanna Grimes says:

#OG 💕

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