Advocare: Scheming with Stimulants | Multi Level Mondays

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Zan gryomani says:

this girl says yikes on trikes so much that a tricycle company should get her to sponsor them

CherryblossomBANG says:

I found something similar recently in supplements rather than stimulants, but more absurd- it felt like a comic parody of MLMs. There's a company called "BlackOxygen Organics" which is similar to that water brand popular with hipsters, blk water, in that it advertises "fulvic acid" to remove "heavy metal contaminants". And… the product is literally dirt. It's just straight up dirt from the ground. All the "scientific research" in support of this "fulvic acid" in the product shown on their website were carried out by one researcher who identities as a "naturopath" and who was paid by the company in question… it's crazy.

sapphicSatan says:

danny mcdanface

Someone Youdontknow says:

Oh I've been waiting to see the dirt on advocare 😤

Liam Paiva-Acosta says:

How do you manage to churn out so many videos so often?

Scarlet Cerebrum says:

That moment when a youtuber you like makes a video about products your parents made you take 😅🙃

Ellie McKenna says:

Love your stuff Blair. I've saw you've dipped your toes into a few tech companies and gaming scandals. Would love to see a video on Earth 2, the "video game" pyramid scheme.

So good to see your channel growing. Keep it up!

BlondieGirl2287 says:

Thanks for doing this one… I live just a stone's throw from Advocare's corporate headquarters and I had a co-worker push their products on me in 2014. The SPARK energy drink is just that- a glorified energy drink. They push it on you as a healthy alternative to coffee because of the supposed vitamins and amino acids it contains but the energy kick in the pants from it is an unmistakable stimulant high. The troubling thing it many of their other products have hidden stimulants as well- the products in their cleanse that was popular at the time are loaded with guarana (which is just a disguise for caffeine). I was naive and thought it would jump start weight loss for me but all it did was get me strung out and jittery. I even convinced my husband to do the cleanse with me but we stopped it- he's very sensitive to stimulants and became very agitated on the products. Advocare still sponsors a local stadium in Frisco, TX near me and it's extremely frustrating to still see their name plastered all over things. Ragus also died relatively young, but I could not find any information as to how.

colleen shaw says:

As a life long Dallas area resident, hearing how the dude came from SMU nearly had me do a laughing spit take. Smu is our local Douchebags-R-US factory. Seems the school has been on brand longer than any of the businesses its graduates started. And yes, this is also the school that has George W. Bush's library that also happens to charge crazy high admission just to see a library, not even meet him. So, just saying, couldn't think of a more cliché place for this dude

BigGahmBoss says:

Cults of capitalism

Lydon Swafford says:

As someone who's mom has done almost every MLM out there, Arbone, celebrating home, Rodan and Fields, and has been doing Advocare for 4 or 5 years, it's nice to see Blair finally talk about advocare

I will be honest though some of Advocares stuff is really helpful, the rehydrate is probably one of my favorite things, as well as the 02 boost, which basically just helps your breathing

Itz_Mika says:

Oh god, you're making my seminar much more bearable with your videos! They literally keep me sane here, if I'm not talking to my family haha. Thank god for Illuminaughtii 😌

Eugene Leschinsky says:

Cool now do Gymshark!

Reksi says:

please fix your microphone, there's a horrible high pitched frequency coming from it and I can't watch ur video because of it :

Blue and Dog says:

Just an FYI, I’m stealing “Upsetti-Spaghetti.” Thanks.

Alula Astro says:

advocare sounds like the name of a type of health insurance.

Caden morton says:

Love this video, my mom get into advocare, I was too young to realize what a pyramid scheme was but later I did. Luckily so did my mom, took my dad a bit longer but luckily now we don’t have that stuff around anymore. Might be them that’s to blame for my caffeine addiction.

Katelyn Diaz says:

I grew up in the city neighboring Plano Tx and I always saw this logo around town and they sponsored my high school athletics but I had NO idea

kammieheff says:

Man I miss ephedra

Duck Newton says:

Subscribed to Thinkology! I'm excited to see what y'all do together!!

Bo Funny says:

I sold Advocate, it was hard work…hated it…

Kai S. says:

Thinkology sounds like some wierd 80s cult XD

FrstSpctr88 says:

These pyramid scheme (and every other crony businesses) leaders fear nothing that the law threatens them with.

Unless its direct threat to their lives, that they would die, since death is an absolute that every living being avoids, until they come to accepting that end is near.

Well, that is a problem of modern society, its illegal to kill people and it benefits the worst amongst our society too.

Tina says:

Advocare put CLEMBUTEROL into their product? Clembuterol is pretty damn dangerous. To be honest, talking about clembuterol in the same breath as caffeine is sort of like comparing a tricycle to a race car.

Zeus & Athena says:

There's more than one channel I've found called thinkology. It'll probably cause confusion. Good luck.

What's A Good Username? says:

Alqoritm üçün biri

Scooby 89 says:

So I don't know if you take suggestions or if this is something you would consider even doing. But there's this website called we've got this covered (All over facebook and hard to avoid, especially if your movie fan). They do nothing but post non stop news about films (Which is always false). They seem to attack DC pretty hard, and was wondering what are they getting out of this financial wise (If anything) and who is behind it. It would be nice to expose these people as fake (If possible).

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