Answering Your Most Asked MLM Questions #2 | Ex Beachbody Coach turned Anti MLM | #ANTIMLM

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Deanna Mims says:


What other MLM questions do you have?

Hadeel Samih says:

Does anyone know if by the clique is a makeup MLM? Looks sus

Courtney W. says:

Here… Late, but here!

NikkiLovesYou says:

Omg seeing you in Tom Harlock's Anti-MLM video gave me liiiife! 😍🙌

TheVerosyv says:

Guessing! : Like Deanna left an MLM, that leaves a free spot, put celeb friend in there? Would that work out? I also pity the celebs having MLM hun friends because they probably get treated like the rest of us? Harrassed until they give in on it? Or, could a celeb sibling / in law / something, be double dipping through a celebs account? So celebs with actual recruit links do not do anything with these links – the actual bossbabe is doing it? I also guess that maybe the celeb is lending money to help with the "bUsInEsS", and when they are asked, "you get it aaaaaaall back if I can just get a way higher rank! Promote this stuff and let me harrass people that comment!"

Call out anything that promotes this stuff!! Yesterday.. I saw in my local bossbabes story – that some magazine picked out something from the MLM as a "products we liked this month"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELLO GUESS WHO GOT AN EMAIL FROM ME. At 0200!!! Do not promote this stuff seriously do some quailty checks!

Sarah Jones says:

I discovered personal development when I was in Beachbody, and I’ve read a lot of books (like anything from The Arbinger Institute or Brene Brown, for example) that have helped me truly become a better person, but the ones popular with MLMs (like You Are a Badass, The 10x Rule, and anything by Rachel Hollis, etc) are just fluff.


Have you heard on a MLM called Premier Design? It’s a jewelry company. I was a part of it a long time ago but I have never heard anyone talk about it in any anti mlm videos.

Aspie Butterfly 🦋 says:

This isn’t really mlm related but I started looking into several universities in the state that I can apply to for my masters in counseling…I also went back over my college transcript to see who would make good recommendation letters. It just feels good to try to resume my life again with my goals of helping people in mental health after being out of school for so long with my psychology bachelors and not really using it. Since you’re doing your bachelor in psychology, I’m curious what your plans are for after you graduate?

Lydia Landrum says:

You’re literally the sweetest person ever! I love how positive and uplifting you are, definitely see Christ shining from within you ❤️

Jia says:

OMG you are with me trough my sewing project since 9AM to 1AM like literally the whole day LMAO🤣 Love from Indonesia Btw🇮🇩

Aspie Butterfly 🦋 says:

I was in denial when I first stumbled upon Kiki Chanel. Then I took what she said and then watched Not a Good Girl talking about the top people in the companies leaving…and then I came around and started noticing the toxicity in my upline. Sometimes it takes hearing things multiple times from different sources to let it sink in.

Mrs H says:

Omg I was buzzinggg when I saw Tom Harlock include clips of your MLM videos, in his new Boss Babe video, Deanna! 🤍🤍

Julia McGee says:

I'm always here. You can't get rid of me haha I love you girly

Estela Landaverde says:

I am getting the 12 week year book! 😃

Bonnie Brown says:

Great video. Thanks for answering my question. Excited for vlogmas!

Alicia Vernick says:

aRe You DoInG YouR pErsOnaL DeVeLopMenT?? Hahahahaha

Nicole L says:

Yesss Queeeen love your videos thanks for all your hard work ❤

bravergirl says:

Loooooove Q&a videos!! Would you do a fitness/gym one? A military one? Your life is so interesting to me lol

thehibernatingturtle says:

I needed a little Deanna in my morning!! This is an awesome video, thank you for all your hard work🧡

Kyra Roediger says:

Le-Vel promoters have some pretty “good” marketing tactics in making you feel like you aren’t doing enough in life😅 if you end up doing a video on specific MLMs recruiting tactics definitely look into them!

Kathleen Garcia-Benson, RDN, LD says:

Yay!! I’m getting some mindless work done and playing this in the background!

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