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Welcome to r/AntiMLM part 44, where huns claim that Anti-MLMers are uneducated. We also have a hunbot who’s so obsessed with Herbalife that she chose her engagement ring based on the shape of the logo! We also have MLM companies who continue to manipulate vulnerable people.

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Noble Xenon says:

What are these MLM huns even saying?

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James Miller says:

My toilet paper has Herbalife symbols on them. I couldn't be happier with it.

Leonie Elwel says:

I just read the title and was very confused. I didn't think of multi-level marketing but men loving men. 😂🤦

Jason Williams says:

To the pyramid scheme MLM victim that’s making $1000 and just almost 3 months. That averages out to about $11.11 per day. Assuming and we have to pretty much guarantee they’re working seven days a week on the scam they’re working seven days. And correct me if I’m wrong. Hello stupid question right but let’s get the stupid answer $1000 in almost 3 months is not a good incentive that’s not even some peoples rent for a month most people at least $2500 a month yikes

Midnight Raven says:

It’s really scummy honestly. That one post shaming people for using their money on what they want and not an MLM was a special type of evil. She’s the type of bitch who when her aunt dies of cancer, she rants on Facebook that she should’ve taken a bunch of health pills instead of chemo. Like at least with a pyramid scheme they just take your money. I can’t believe I have to say this, but at least they don’t also peddle a shitty product!
I feel really bad for kids who’s had to watch their mom flush away money for the kids possible college fund because they assume they’ll be the next Steve Jobs of *insert product here*. Thank God my mom knew to small the bullshit.

Midnight Raven says:

MLM Hun: People clearly don’t understand MLM it’s a business!
Cult member: People who say that clearly don’t understand what a cult is it’s a way of life and sometimes a business.
The only difference is that…one involves off brand kool aid.

dantesque17 says:

I love going to this anti-MLM video and getting a midroll Amway ad. The Adsense algorithm needs fixing. Hilarious.

Joshua J. Herrmann says:

1000 dollars over 3 months sitting in bed…….I make 1000 dollars in two weeks at my entry level manufacturing job, SMH. Glad I don't peddle essential oils, because if I did, I wouldn't have a retirement program, insurance, or even my sanity. Plus I get a free workout with my job position that keeps the herbal life away! xD

PokeyWartooth says:

“There wasn’t a dry eye in the house…”
after we looked at our bank account statements.

“For a little over 3 months and I’ve made almost $1,000.”
It took you three months to make almost $1,000?

Phenix Udyne says:

I've got the Hun in my sights, boss. Just give the word and I'll take 'em down!

Mr Ozzy says:

She is a herbawife lol

It's Friday I'm In Love says:

I earn money every two weeks

Wanna know how??

I'm fucking disabled and can't work so I'm on bennifits lmao

HoneyBubble gun says:

me: watching Anti MLM videos
Ad: Hey do you wanna make a loooottt money from home withput any effort? 😀

Paris Green says:

Great vid! I'm so disappointed that BeachBody went MLM. When I did the P90 workout (so long ago that it was on VHS!) it was just the workout – you bought it, you did it, and that was it – no entanglements.

PartySuvius says:

When will these people learn they’re in a cult?

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