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HELLOOOOOO. Today we are reacting to a video on the top 1% of MLMs by an Arbonne hun.
Remember, pyramid schemes are illegal! #antimlm

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jakzine540 says:

To watch this nitwit try and pretzel her little brain into explaining how it's totally not Arbonne's fault that some of their 'girls' don't 'want' to earn more is amusing, to say the least. Even here, she's a duplicitous and disingenuous shitbag, knowingly making the most fallacious comparisons of success in College Sports…to 'running your own business with Arbonne'.

Sadly, there is no idiocy, no foolishness, no naivete on display here: these are the obfuscations of someone who knows damn well that you are a hired on contractor working for Arbonne selling Arbonne's products at Arbonne's rates and prices on Arbonne's corporate order on Arbonne's time and policies. 'Running your own business' is a bold-faced lie, swiftly revealed as such by any power-hour, any profanity-laced public shaming expo, any bunch of angry snarling demonstrations by the oh-so-lovely Huns in all their primped up and tacky glory. These are people knowingly deceiving vast throngs of desperate, inexperienced, or sadly greedy and misled individuals by using the basest of trickery and emotional manipulation to gain easy incomes by bullying their lower-ranks into service, and Arbonne laughs all the way to the bank paying its contractor hordes nothing and extracting vast amounts of profit out of their purchases and desperate hiring all while saving millions on marketing, advertisements, and actual wages.

Fear Of Missing Out, Middle-America emotional and cultural manipulation tactics, and a reliance on the vulnerability of their targeted victims all play in a beautiful tragedy of…this: a tastelessly dressed, badly hair-dyed, surgery-skinned living mannequin of a woman passive-aggressively smack-talking her miserable cohorts of unpaid soccer-moms and teenagers desperate during the depths of a world-wide plague so she can sell a pipe-dream to financial ruin and personal suffering all so she can scrabble with the few dozen other equally vapid and soulless idiots who managed to claw their way to the top of rat-shit mountain…just before Arbonne cashes out and leaves them all trapped in mortgages they can't pay with Cadillac leases they can't sell and a sea of contacts that will never answer a single word they say.

I think Shakespeare is rolling and laughing in his grave. You couldn't have a more perfect tragedy if you tried.

Dani C says:

Emily! Missed your videos especially your reactions. Been binging your stuff and rewatching your content so I'm glad you have new stuff now

She's really grasping at straws in this one. They are so transparent !

Kareim says:

Glad you are back Emily. Been watching anti-MLM's for a long time; not s single proponent could win in a debate with an anti-MLM'er, but they don't dare stand before anti-MLM'ers. They could not survive the MLM Conference ( that recently took place.

Shann Cimakasky says:

Can someone tell this idiot IT NOT YOU OWN BUSINESS….hun the business entity is not under your name.. errrrr 🤬.. She sounds so stupid. If you own your own business YOU DON’T HAVE A UPLINE . YOU DON’T HAVE TO CLIME RANKS.. YOU DON’T HAVE TO PAY FOR YOUR OWN PRODUCTS..

Linda Minor says:

At my job 100% of the people employed there get paid a the amount they were offered when they got hired (Whether they do the work or not!).

Yani says:

Then be honest about how long it’s going to take and not just “pockets of time”.

Brittney Hamilton says:

love love LOVE your videos. so happy to see you post again!

Emily Dreyer says:

Your top bun is amazig

Hayley says:

I looked into the marshmallow study a little bit. Saying that the children who waited for two marshmallows were more successful is not exactly true. They seemed to have better relationships and better health. Financial success is not mentioned.

Jolene Carney says:

So glad you are back and doing well!!! You are stunning!!!!!

Bobbii says:

The utter IRONY if this mlm rep 🙄

Reagan says:

Geesh you are stunning 😢💖

MeikaGarcia says:

That bun is goals 🙌

Gopnitsa Homestead says:

Emily unfiltered, I love it

Gopnitsa Homestead says:

Kitty 😸😸😸!!!!

Rochelle Wilder says:

Girl! Love this bun and red lip! Glad to have you back!

Lehandra Lynch says:

Hey girl! Loving the bun and red lip. Happy to see your reaction. Hope you’re doing well ❤️

Josué Veguilla says:

Tuesday and Friday.

Josué Veguilla says:

Hello, Emily Fine. Happy Wednesday👋

Josué Veguilla says:

The Federal Reserve is one of the biggest Pyramid Schemes in the History of Mankind (Humankind/Humanity). Change my mind.

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