Are You Involved with a Multi Level Marketing Insurance Scam?

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For some people, working with an Multi Level Marketing Insurance Company can be a great way to build an insurance agency. Unfortunately, the way that most of these companies recruit agents, is extremely manipulative and can be very misleading. These MLM life insurance companies tend to recruit by stretching the truth and making things seem a lot easier than they really are. In this video, I’ll expose the light on whether or not you should be working with one, or if you are better off working with a normal insurance marketing agency like ours, United Final Expense Services.

Douglas Massi


Kiran Rampersaud says:

After I watched this video; I definitely thought about my time with Primerica. When I was recruited, I didn’t know who they were and had the feeling they was something shady about them. Everything you said was true with my hierarchy and I couldn’t see myself conducting MLM tactics. Great video

globescape says:

How much does your leads cost?

Thomas Davis says:

Hi Doug…We chatted on the phone a couple years ago…I'm licensed only in CA, OK state is pending. I really appreciate your candidness and exposing the BS hype, misrep exaggeration that many of the FE companies spew. You and the other guy I listen  to, DD, seem to be the most legit with ethics and integrity. by the way one of the best ponts of the vid was at 5:52 to 5:55…LOL.

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