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Combatting Cult Mind Control by Steven Hassan (book or audio)
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Old Weird Books says:

I always got shady fuckin vibes from all that law of attraction bullshit and now I feel just so deeply vindicated

Edit 2: Isaiah talking about language and being given words that mean nothing and being kept from your self actualization, having been through that, still going through that, holy shit that is so familiar and he said it all perfectly.

The awareness practiced on this channel has been really, really good for me. Like genuinely, thank you both for your work.

Edit 3: soooo the part where I connect as a trans man was mysteriously removed from my comment, and maybe I deleted it and didn’t notice, but on the other hand it’s fucking pride month Susan

Pagapor Vista says:

"The Secret" is too simplistic. I started studying the "Law of Attraction" prior to it becoming a thing. Like you said, focusing and goal setting are great. Some of the tools are an amazing way to focus. However, I learned that when "the universive" gave me something that wasn't exactly what I was looking for – maybe I met somebody that was really cool but not quite the right person, it wasn't that I wasn't "working hard enough", I needed to tweak goals. It was never taught about cutting people out, they are there to teach you a lesson. Obviously I never tried to use this with an MLM because I never wanted to manifest a "business" with 100,000K other sales reps. I would have never paid so much for retreats and workshops for information I can get in a $20 book…

cYberʀᴀᴛ says:

I hate how they use manifestation and law of attraction as a means to get folllowers, to abuse, to get rich…and not to help people plan out the lives they want and actively work toward those goals…or to say that we deserve the bad things that have happened because we “attracted” it… changing your thoughts to be more positive is a therapy technique, but we are not to blame for when that positivity fails because life is out of our control. The rich using it to control the poor is disgusting. I’ve never read The Secret, but I’ve always been a writer and a dreamer. They’re using this to victim blame and shame gaslight people for struggling. I think LOA/Manifestation should just be about knowing what your goals are, recognizing them, and actively working toward achieving them and developing methods to help you achieve those goals if possible…not insane things like escaping poverty in a month.

Catherine Homer says:

Congratulations on your adoptions.

Catherine Homer says:

MLM'S are popular with military families. My mother in law sold, Tupperware, Avon and Mary Kay. I used to have a Mary Kay lady whose husband was in the Air Force. I will never join a MLM. My sister sold, Princess House, Mary Kay, and Tupperware and it was always the same few people that went to her parties and bought from her.

Samantha Orologio says:

HOLY MOLY! I’m shaking in my flip flops✌️ I am. So. Excited. To watch! Yay! Every time you drop a new video I have to watch it instantly after seeing it! Yes!!!! This one is soooo good I already know it.

Paige Mauro says:

Oh my gosh. I relate SO much to the losing weight thing.

I lost 30 lbs 7 pant sizes… yet my doctor said I would need to go on cholesterol meds POST weight loss and out of MLM.

Good AND bad cholesterol we’re terrible.

Ria Dirige says:

14:41 that…i have no words to say on how ridiculous that sounded

Katherine Petersorf says:

I am so sorry. My mom had two miscarriages within a year before getting pregnant with me, so I can’t imagine if she’d thought that about me. You didn’t kill your sibling, miscarriages happen for so many reasons. I am so sorry you went through that.

Katherine Petersorf says:

I believe that you can stay motivated by telling yourself your goals daily. It reminds you why you are doing what you are doing. But you can’t just will it into existence. People starving in impoverished countries aren’t impoverished because they don’t will money enough. I wasn’t assaulted as a child because I willed a sexual assault. I didn’t have a miscarriage at 16, a child I so desperately wanted, because I willed him to die. My fiancé wasn’t born diabetic because he willed himself to be born type 1 in the freaking womb.

Katherine Petersorf says:

Logic is bad for us? WTF? My brain hurts just hearing that.

Nissa H says:

This was a great video! I love people exposing the law of attraction, and hearing Isaiah's story was fascinating. I'm so happy he is finally able to be his authentic self! 💖

86jmonson says:

I love your videos and that you speak the truth about these predatory companies. I would ask that you make sure to not victim blame or turn around and look down on others that have been harmed by big companies themselves. Please understand that many MLMs take advantage of parents if kids who are v@(( injured. It’s not their fault and it’s not ok. Don’t victim shame them any more than you would a person sucked in because they have a auto immune illness. These people have been harmed and manipulated or sometimes simply have been given no more answers or solutions by their doctors or mainstream medicine. they are searching for hope and I don’t fault them for that. As someone who was irreparable harmed by a hospital and has a child who was harmed by their doctor, I get the draw and I get the desperation. Don’t trash them please or lump them in with these predatory companies. They need their eyes opened that these MLMs are the same thing they fight elsewhere in their lives.

Laurie's Story says:

Social worker over here ❤️💕❤️ love it.

LivingLoving says:

I appreciate Isiah coming on and talking about this. Obviously an emotional story, but so important to share. Was so eager to watch this video! Performative Childhood was my favorite term in all this.

I also want to add, please be careful. There are very good, very SCIENTIFIC reasons that one might choose not to vaccinate. Please do not judge or put down those people because you don't agree or chose differently.

Siobhan Murphy says:

God love him ♥️

Temp Jones says:

omg i watch 3 of the manifesting ppl you included at the beginning , i feel called out lol

Amanda Mc. says:

There's someone who I know from HS that recently became a lifestyle coach. His latest post reeked of toxic positivity and the "law of attraction" B.S.. I was the 1st to comment on his post and pointed out that this type of advice was too much like toxic positivity (in less potentially confrontational way). The way he replied to people who ate up his advice vs mine and other's who expressed weariness were night and day. It sucks, because up until then I enjoyed his input/advice, even though it was surface-level advice given.

Kirsten Blanco says:

His story is so intriguing! Thanks for sharing!

Tiny Tot Prop Shop says:

This was such a great interview!!!!!

Laurie Gravel says:

WOW! It is getting better and better every interview! I want to show this to my best friend still in the MLM. She has a 5 years old daughter and she keeps putting her aside with ''meeting'', ''week-end training'', ''work from home''… It make me sick to see the times she is loosing with her kids growing up SO FAST! + Isiah! Wow, what a story, you carry a lot on your shoulder. You are brave and thank you for your sharing. + Josie: When I first saw the title, I was happy you were interviewing a guy! It is missing in all that anti-MLM content. Good job again for this interview! xx

ana perez says:

Why does he say biological mom ? Did his dad remarry ?

horsegrrrl says:

Wow, he's extremely insightful and wise. Another great video.

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