BEST Network Marketing SECRETS Video – The 3 P’s That Will Kill Your Growth!

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BEST Network Marketing SECRETS Video – The 3 P’s That Will Kill Your Growth!

Hey guys, Andrew Logan here with you on my Leverage to Legacy YouTube channel with another Network Marketing Training video. Today I want to share some Network Marketing Secrets on the 3 P’s that will kill your network marketing business growth.

The 3 P’s I am going to share with you today find their root in the self-sabotage.

A lot of times self-sabotage is one of the biggest reasons why your business is not growing and why you are not achieving your network marketing success.

You basically get on your own way, but the positive side of this is that you can also get out/off your own way. And that is why I want to share with you today in my network marketing secrets video the biggest mistakes people make, the traps they get themselves into.

Let’s jump right into these network marketing secrets that stop so many getting to that next level of success and growth in their network marketing business.

#1 Network Marketing Secrets on PROCRASTINATION

Who isn’t guilty of procrastination?! Everyone does!

What we see very often happening is people getting started in the network marketing business all excited about doing stuff, but they start doing all the fluffy stuff and they forget to do the challenging stuff.

A lot of the things that build our business are challenging, fundamental and to a point can seem a b it boring as well. The fun and the exciting things happen afterwards! But lots of people get caught up in doing those fun things first and from here comes procrastination on the important tasks to do and to accomplish.

So, my network marketing secrets here for you is to do those boring basics first before worrying about the really nice, fancy stuff.

Moreover, we particularly see procrastination in people that are going full time into their network marketing business, they are transitioning from their 9 to 6 full time job and the side hustle to full time “side hustle” now.

So, guys, how do we get over this? You need to be consistently checking in with your goals and vision and remind yourself basically why are you doing all this for. And then once you think you have achieved your goals and now you can take it easy on you and procrastinate, well set up new exciting goals!

Keep watching the video to gather more details on the subject and find out more network marketing success secrets.

#2 Network Marketing Secrets on PERFECTIONISM

A lot of times procrastination and perfectionism are very similar to an extent.

What you need to understand here is that you are not paid to be perfect, you are paid to solve people’s problems.

Here is my network marketing secrets: if you are perfect – you become unrelatable, because if you are perfect no one can look at you and say, “this person understands me” Instead, you need to be relatable, and people need to look at you and say, “if he/she can do it then I can do it too!”

Perfectionism is a subjective term – what seems perfect for you may not be perfect in someone else’s eyes – therefore you should stop seeking perfectionism.

Let me leave you with one last thought and network marketing secrets on this subject – not seeking perfectionism doesn’t mean you are not striving for progress – in fact if you are perfect, it means you have nothing more/else to learn.

#3 Network Marketing Secrets on PEOPLE PLEASING

Do not get caught up in people pleasing as more people look up for you in your team and want to follow you as an example/leader – you will lose the vision as you will try to keep everyone happy.

You need to understand that a great leader holds the vision and drives and grows people to their successes. Instead, if you keep people pleasing you will never achieve success yourself as you will lose your own vision and direction.

I really hope this network marketing training video on the 3 P’s that will kill your growth and the network marketing secrets on the subject I have shared with you will help you grow your network marketing business to its best success and allow you to achieve your financial freedom.

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