EP 11 – Jeff Cohen – Expert Insights on Future of eCommerce:Leveling Up Your Game

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Jeff Cohen spent the past 15 years helping grow E-commerce businesses from small start-ups to multi-million dollar companies.

On this episode, we learn more about Jeff Cohen of Seller Labs. Jeff shares his knowledge and viewpoint about the E-commerce world. Here are more gold nuggets in this episode:

Why your network truly is your net worth.

Today’s business is fast-paced and you need to embrace change.

How mobile is going to be hypercritical in the future.

And why he believes that retail stores are going to hit a point that stops and then come back.

So pay attention to today’s episode, learn amazing insights from Jeff’s leadership experience and find out how you too can level up your E-commerce game.

Welcome to the Awesomers.com podcast. If you love to learn and if you’re motivated to expand your mind and heck if you desire to break through those traditional paradigms and find your own version of success, you are in the right place. Awesomers around the world are on a journey to improve their lives and the lives of those around them. We believe in paying it forward and we fundamentally try to live up to the great Zig Ziglar quote where he said, “You can have everything in your life you want if you help enough other people get what they want.” It doesn’t matter where you came from. It only matters where you’re going. My name is Steve Simonson and I hope that you will join me on this Awesomer journey.


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01:15 sec. (Steve Simonson introduces today’s guest, Jeff Cohen.)

Steve: This is Awesomers episode number 11 and as always if you’d like to see the show notes and details we encourage you to go to Awesomers.com/11. That’s Awesomers.com/11 and you’ll find all the links and show notes and so forth there to help you navigate this episode and keep track of it without having to take notes. As you go through across, you’re driving or flying or otherwise engaged, don’t take the notes we’ll take the notes for you. Awesomers.com/11 is how you find that stuff. Now today my special guest is Jeff Cohen and he spent the past 15 years helping grow E-commerce businesses from small start-ups to multi-million dollar companies. In fact, he was employee number four at Sellar Labs and was instrumental in transitioning the company from selling physical products to software. Recognized internationally as Amazon expert, Jeff speaks at conferences all around the world. Prior to joining Seller Labs, he was a CEO of campusbooks.com and they put together a very comprehensive SAS based program that helped put partners together with campus books and it was a very successful endeavor indeed. His work led to more than 10 million in new sales and increased profit margins. And prior to that Jeff was the founder and general manager for textbooks.com and was responsible to companies aggressive expansion from 12 million revenue to a hundred million while maintaining the exact same sales team. Now imagine that nearly 10 times the growth with the same sales team. This guy knows what’s up. I’m a big fan of Jeff’s and I’ve seen him at many conferences around the world and over the years and he’s definitely somebody that Awesomer should pay special and close attention to.

Welcome back Awesomers. Here we go again. I’m Steve Simonson and today my special guest is Jeff Cohen. Jeff, how are you?


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