Eric Worre & Grant Cardone Discuss GPRM 2019 – Network Marketing Pro

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Eric Worre and Grant Cardone talk Go Pro Recruiting Mastery 2019 and what Grant will be sharing during his keynote speech at the live event in December.

The year is coming to a close and THE COUNTDOWN IS ON for the 10th Annual Go Pro Recruiting Mastery event in Las Vegas! And if you haven’t already purchased your ticket yet? WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Grab yours now here:


Hustler sunny says:

You two people are like God to me….🙏

Rikk Wake up western world says:

Two slick con artists who exploit and live at others expense. Parasites who prey on the foolish and the unwary with their pathetic script lines, mindless rhetoric and the encouragement to "Work harder and follow the system". while you live on a shallow inference that 'one day' you might make it, it will not happen….EVER. Network marketing is poison for most, a pretend industry that boasts a 97-99% failure rate, 100% in many cases, not a glowing resume' for financial success no mater what these two vultures may argue. Habitual liars, cheats and con artists thrive within its ranks, most should be serving jail time for corporate fraud, deception and the criminal enticement of vulnerable and foolish people who fall for this MLM excrement, the pond life above included! Parasites on society who promote MLM which is pyramid selling with the word SCAM firmly attached. This "dynamic industry" is make believe, don't touch any of it! Note that uncle Eric has been investigated in his past for…."Unethical business practices" FRAUD in simple terms, nothing proven or worthy of criminal charges….but…where there is smoke. Keep this in mind before you subscribe!

Ronke Kosemani says:

you both are so REAL! LOVE IT!

Carlos Erwin Palma Mohrhardt says:

“10X is a perpetual thing, there’s no finish line”

Love it!

gustavo correa says:

yes! this gonna be amazing follow me on insta @gusycorrea if you want to network at the event.

Desmond Jordon says:

Awesome event 10X in 2020

Hayford Onwuzurike D. says:

I feel like crying already. Seeing my biggest inspirational mentors in one video and am about to miss this great event. God i need a miracle to attention GPRM10

Rayson Choo says:

Nice! I was thinking of Grant should have you on 10X conference next year and lo and behold, you 2 are in a video together 😊👍

The Boss Entrepreneur says:

Where Can I Get The Online Ticket Eric ? You Will Be Selling Live Streams Tickets Like Last Year ? Totally Love It Last Year!


Lyconet is booming in India….

Gian-Carlo Torres says:

I would love for both Grant Cardone & Eric Worre to be at Shark Tank.

Quang Thắng Hoàng says:

Woaaaa legends @@@@@@@

Sylvester B says:

Oh damn uncle G!!

The Power Team says:


Austin den Hoed says:

I’m sooooo excited to go to this year’s GoPro!!!!🤩🤩🤩 This year will be my fourth one, and each year has gotten better and better. I thought 2016 was awesome with Tony Robbins, Sir Richard Branson, Mel Robbins, and Jeff Roberti. Then 2017 with Tony Robbins, Brendon Burchard, and Pitbull. Then last year with Magic Johnson, Jeff Roberti, John Maxwell, and Les Brown. Now this year with Grant Cardone. I think the only living legend I haven’t seen on stage at GoPro is Bob Proctor. Thank you Mr. Worre for bringing them all together and changing Network Marketing and the world.🙏

Vikas Kumar says:

Two legends in one frame.
I miss jordan Belfort here🤣🤣🤣

Claire Blue says:

Do you think it can be applied to the french people ? I am looking for ambitious working french people to grow 10X big. No fooling around.

Philbert Pembani says:

Best session featuring the two Giants in Network Marketing !!

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