Facebook Recruiting Secret for Network Marketing – How to Use Facebook Messenger for MLM

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Facebook Recruiting Secret for Network Marketing – How to Use Facebook Messenger for MLM

In today’s video I’m going to share with you a Facebook recruiting secret for you to be able to get conversations happening FAST in your Messenger.

The majority of Network Marketers out there have VERY little time to run their businesses.

So it’s really important not to get distracted and focus on the things that will grow the business the most: signing up new product users, and signing up new distributors.

If you have very limited time, the #1 goal in your business should be to reach out to people and see if they are open to taking a look at your product or service.

And how do you do that effectively on Facebook? By using the exact Messenger script I provide you in this video.

It’s important that when we prospect on Facebook we act like a human being, have fun with it, and just ask someone if they are open to taking a look.

The bottom line is that although prospecting and recruiting on Facebook might seem scary and hard to do, if you send a really easy, simple message to someone, most of the time they will respond.

Don’t worry about if they say yes or no. Some will, some won’t, so what? Next!

I really hope you enjoyed this video on how to use Facebook for MLM and, if you want to discover the #1 way to build your Network Marketing business on Social Media, go to:


To watch again this Facebook Recruiting Secret for Network Marketing video, click here: https://youtu.be/n5r4_ncKGWc


Anuja Anantharajah says:

I use the same recruiting secrets to run my coaching business! It's all about connecting with your prospects.

Lauren A. Ebbecke says:

My messenger on my iphone does not tell me who is active. I have uninstalled and reinstalled. Any suggestions??

Uzodinma Fred says:

What about messaging people you've never been in touch with?

Everything says:

Everyone on my facebook are strangers I've just added and people in my network marketing company so I'm trying to work out how to talk to complete strangers. I'm absolutely rubbish at conversation

Victorine Edet says:

@frazer please am always getting rejection, I talk to 20 people on social media yesterday the all tell that they have hear about my company before that they are not interested. What can I do to get interested ones please?

Digital Income Streams - DIS says:

I love this 💞

AC says:

Everyone on my list!

Vincent Obero says:

Your an incredible mentor of mine ,
I love this tips.

Marianne Moore says:

I’ll message the last 30 people active that fit my avatar. I look for quality over quantity, but it’s always great for the algorithm to interact with as many people as possible daily. (Especially people that are NOT on your team or within your company!!)

Nicole Hutchinson says:

Love this tip Frazer!! Conversation starters always gets me overthinking this is so simple to use!! Thank you 💗

Tammra Benton says:

I love this simple approach. Thanks for this so timely. I have a problem recruiting. Going to send out to 25 people today.

Jozen Chin says:

Spot on! This is so important! Thanks for sharing this tip! Take the initiative to start the conversation again might get us the chance to start reconnecting back to them and even get to know them more than before.

Jordi López i Pedro says:

Hey Frazer, in 10 minutes messaged 14 people 🙌🙌 so helpful this tip…

Your „anti“ghost technique works for me, I just wanted to ask, can I also apply it not only when I ask them the question but also when I just ask them how are they doing, when I follow up after they said yes, or at any part of a conversation?… I highly appreciate your help 🙏

Samantha Dorfman says:

This was awesome! I knew how to see who was online, but never knew that I could start at the bottom. I am going to message them all! ❤

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