Financial software provider a vital partner to banks & credit unions

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Financial software provider a vital partner to banks & credit unions:

Marquis is more than a resource for financial institutions; they serve as a business partner for their clients, providing them with the elements they need to succeed.

According to President Jay Kassing helping clients succeed is what it’s all about.

“It starts by listening and from there we added a couple of elements over the years. We’ve got to be able to make it easy, complete and affordable. As we begin to work together, you are going to hold us accountable on how we respond, how we support you, and is the software and solutions we provide reliable, are you getting the results you expect. After all that’s all that really matters.”

After all, as Jay says, these are all things you should expect from a business partner. “In the end as you go and seek out solutions go with a plan, go with purpose, go with confidence, go Marquis.”

MARQUIS offers marketing, sales and compliance software tailored to the challenges facing financial institutions.

Marketing Software
As a pioneer in MCIF software, MARQUIS leads the industry with solutions for client retention, new account acquisition, onboarding, campaign management, direct mail fulfillment, profitability, cross-sales and product re-pricing. ExecuTrax updates client information nightly, while the OnTrax service provides an expert consultant for strategic marketing assistance.

Sales Software
MARQUIS has 100 CRM installations. Their sales & service CRM solutions facilitate referral tracking, incentive management and sales pipeline management, providing a 360° client view to optimize sales opportunities. CallTrax manages and monitors formal Sales & Service CRM initiatives, and ExecuTrax is an automated MCIF and referral tracking system that enhances sales leads, internal communication and teamwork.

Compliance Software
MARQUIS’ comprehensive CRA, HMDA, and Fair Lending software helps clients stay on top of the latest regulations, assisting with process and performance reviews, accurate reporting and risk assessments. CenTrax has received rave reviews throughout the industry and has been proclaimed “incredibly easy and complete with every feature you need.” FastTrax, an online geo-coding system, provides census tract and demographic information associated with borrowers’ addresses.

MARQUIS offers a variety of services that help ease clients’ workloads while generating solid results.

Compliance Services
C-Trax is a unique bundle of the best compliance services and consulting that make CRA & HMDA both easy and affordable. MARQUIS will file submissions and perform CRA lending analysis.
When CRA exam time comes around, MARQUIS has a solution that makes the process easier. C/d Trax is an automated method of collecting and reporting Community Development activities.

Sales Services
Managing client relationships requires timely information and easy-to-use CRM tools. MARQUIS has sales & service CRM solutions designed to meet the needs of the industry. Q-Trax is an automated CRM solution that efficiently tracks referrals, tasks and activities in one easy-to-use browser based system. Plus it is accessible from any PC or smart phone. ExecuTrax is an automated MCIF and referral tracking system that enhances sales leads, internal communication and teamwork.

Marketing Services
OnTrax combines the world’s best MCIF with a professional consultant to guide tactical marketing initiatives and produce all of the MCIF reports and analysis. These services are customized to fit the goals of your institution. Your MARQUIS consultant will provide you with specific guidance on onboarding, client retention, loan growth, trigger based marketing and new client acquisition, and will handle the details including list generation and tracking.

Creative Services

The Creative Department at MARQUIS is uniquely equipped to produce targeted, data-driven direct mail and email campaigns. Custom design, copywriting, printing and mailing services are all provided under one roof, for a streamlined process and cost controls. All campaigns are tracked, so clients can prove their results and refine successful campaign strategies for future success.


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