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Close is a business development tool for specialist recruitment agencies. Once approved, recruitment agencies within Hiring Hub’s network gain access to hundreds of qualified vacancies from employers across all industry sectors within the UK. Here’s what it means for recruitment agencies…

Think of us as your outsourced sales team. The Hiring-Hub marketplace will give you access to 100s of employers and 100s of vacancies across all sectors and locations, without the need for cold calling or business development. Just login to your Hiring-Hub account, search the latest vacancies, and request to engage on the vacancies you have suitable candidates for and believe you can fill.

We don’t restrict direct communication with employers. That’s not what we’re about. No, we leave it up to the employer to decide how they want to engage with recruitment agencies, whether that’s through the Hiring-Hub website or directly, over the phone.

The fixed fee you see against each vacancy is the fee you’ll get if you place a candidate in that position. There are no hidden costs or subscription charges. Because we act as a master vendor, we’ll invoice the employer on the candidate’s start date, and you invoice us. It’s simple, it works, and it’s completely transparent.

We’ve created a meritocratic environment that rewards the best recruitment agencies and shines a spotlight on good performance. In addition to key data and metrics the marketplace collects, employers leave testimonials and feedback, giving you an opportunity to build and develop your online reputation and gain kudos for overall performance, communication, quality and speed of submissions, and customer care.

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