HUN BOTS Are The "Saviors" No One Asked For | Anti-MLM

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Hey everyone!
Well we are here and we are back for another Anti-MLM video! I hope you guys like it. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Disclaimer: Any individual(s) seen in this video are used as examples of why the MLM in question has a poor business structure.
It is the MLM business model that is the problem.
please do not search for or send hate to anyone seen in this video

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Jodie Hardy says:

I love the positive vibes you give off at the beginning of all your videos!

Language is Hard says:

I watched my niece and a plexus hun have a great argument about plexus. My niece claimed it gave her a kidney infection and of course the hun was like, It can't do that!!! Ok hun, dehydration can cause a kidney infection in those susceptible to them but I wouldn't expect a hun to know that. My niece isn't even anti-mlm. She has sold for 2 different ones.

Lauren Michelle says:

I say “chores” too ☺️

Amy Marie says:

I still say chores too lol😆 love the video as always!🖤

Catherine Harding says:

Well I'm here, I'm back, and watching a new anti-MLM video 👍

destructokat says:

I was referred to a sleep specialist through my doctor and it turns out that I have sleep apnea. I would love to see how Plexus would keep my airway from collapsing at night.

So yeah, if you are excessively tired during the day and you snore, you should look into it and speak to a doctor. Don't bother with MLM vitamins.

Amanda Mensing says:

The Hoarders post had me ROLLING! 😂😂😂😂😂

Woolly Channel says:

Wooo new upload!

Lirynn says:

I stay on the website that shall not be named so I see a lot of these posts, but I still love watching these!

Amanda Newman says:

Yay!! I love a RS video during my lunch break! I wish I had found your channel sooner. I've been binge watching your vids and I'm on all the Amber Lynn Reid videos 😂

Christina Redman says:

I read that Uhaul story the other day and was so happy for that person!

Peanut Forever says:

I remember seeing the Scentsy box on Hoarders!

JasmineSky says:

Love you and your videos. Thank you for spreading awareness about these horrible schemes. 👏

merllamicorn says:

You posted less than 30 seconds and there's already a dislike…

…hey there, hun!!! 🤦🏼‍♀️😂

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