Jeunesse the MLM Company With 16 Lawsuits to Their Name | Multi Level Mondays

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Welcome to Multi Level Mondays, a weekly series all about multi level marketing, pyramid schemes, and ponzi schemes.

Today, we’re talking about Jeunesse, yet another health and skin care MLM. What makes Jeunesse different though is the sheer amount of pyramid scheme lawsuits they’ve had.

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trenton brogan says:

This video came up on auto play and you said nox and that’s my name so I woke up and was confused because I heard someone call my name and then I rewind the video

Thomas Naas says:

P.T. Barnum would have been scandalized…and then he'd have wanted in on it.

Hacked History says:

sings Every day’s great with your Jeunesse!

Shope CE says:

I've never heard of any of the companies mentioned in this video until this video and that's probably a good thing. Lol

Catharina Löhnhoff says:

These people from Jeunesse tried to "hire" me as I was looking for jobs in LinkedIn here in Brazil. Thank God I've got out soon as I've seen there's a MLM

Potato Gaming Productions says:

Guy looks a fat David Hasselhoff.

Dashia James says:

WTH would anyone want a 💊 in there gas tank..?? Point blank period. These companies come with oddest weirdest & craziest ideas. This channel is great for giving some information about these types of companies.

EMBER B says:

I work in mental health and we JUST had a lady come in to peddle "amare" abd gave me her card. Talking about how it cured her sons CF and her mental illnesses. No. Please look into this company like oh my god

Melanie Skipper-Relyea says:

Not to be confused with Jness (same pronounciation) that was a female seminar of NXIVM.

angel says:

that picture of randy ray needed a jumpscare warning

Jennifer Wood says:

My ex's last name is Genest, pronounced the same way as this video and I just… spent a whole video giggling about how "Genest/Jeunesse is a scam" cause… same. XD

Also, I find it hilarious that it's called a "Sugar" visa, I get it's supposed to be because it helps displaced sugar workers but all it sounds like to me is "you can do whatever you want in my country if you become one of my sugar daddies"

Phatbaggins says:

Everyday Young Life Junes!
(Every day's great at your Junes)

Claire says:

I really enjoy this channel, especially as there is an emphasis on facts and science, but was intrigued to see a promotion for blue light filtering glasses. A quick internet search suggested there is apparently no scientific basis for for any eyesight-related or other health benefits associated with use of such lenses. Interesting choice of sponsor.

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