Looking for Leads? Don’t Be a Content Marketer, Be a Brand Publisher

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This is a video of a Masterclass webinar featuring Keith Reynolds on January 31, 2019. Here is the description from Powerpost’s landing page:

Does your brand need to generate leads and show actual ROI? Ordinary content marketing won’t get you anywhere! You must transform your organization into a publishing company that orients every last detail around generating demand.

Join us on Thursday, January 31 at 12 p.m. CDT, as PowerPost joins forces with Keith Reynolds, Founder & CEO of Publi.io, LLC.

In this 1 hour Masterclass, Keith will teach you the roadmap to his Brand Publishing success strategy, ‘The Publisher’s M.O.’ which uses journalistic methods built around a specially-designed, lead-generating Content Hub.

Reynolds’ method will provide you with all the guidance and ammunition you need, so the next time someone asks, you’ll be able to demonstrate just how much revenue your content has earned!

In this webinar, you will learn:

– How to think like a publisher to grow your business
– How to take the mystery out of content marketing ROI
– How to define your brand’s marketing into a 7-bucket strategy
– How to implement and scale systematically with your teams
– How to adopt a ‘Publisher’s M.O.’ for an organization of any size


Keith Reynolds, Publi.io, LLC
Keith Reynolds is a marketing veteran and industry thought leader with deep technology roots. He’s been on the leading edge of digital marketing for almost 30 years, beginning his career as the first IBM Collegiate Rep introducing the PS/2 brand on college campuses. He has since worked on marketing, sales and demand generation with other category leaders including, Apple, Kodak and Vodafone, and launched several technology start-ups.

As founder and managing member of Publi.io LLC, Reynolds provides strategic guidance, consulting, resources and training for clients and offers a vast network of trusted SEO Content Marketing resources to help them succeed. A Digital Media Producer, Content Marketing Strategy Author/Speaker, Coach/Trainer and Programming Chair, AMA New York, Keith naturally loves to connect with fellow marketers and share his knowledge to help them accomplish their goals. Reynolds is also the programming chair of the AMA New York.

Berkeley Combs
Berkeley Combs currently serves as the Brand Marketing Strategist at PowerPost. A natural self-starter with a background in performing arts, she developed a foundation to pace accordingly to competitive environments at a young age; ultimately instilling this mentality as a permanent lifestyle.

Berkeley graduated from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, with a Bachelor of Arts in strategic communication and concentration in entrepreneurship. With a strong admiration for entertainment and special events, she has coordinated and executed events which gained both local and international attendees before joining the PowerPost team. Berkeley now enjoys utilizing her talents by expressing creativity through her outgoing personality, optimism and work ethic.



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