Mary Kay / Direct Sales: A Party Worth Booking Is One Worth Coaching Well

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How to help your party appointments hold.


Caren Erwin says:

How can get your forms ?

Lisa Monsibais says:

Where can I get this information from? The flyers and website. I appreciate everything you are teaching.

Erna Voth says:

Love your video!!!! Thank you so much!  how can I get access to your website?

Judy Thompson says:

How can I get a copy of your Party worth booking sheet.

LaShawn Doss says:

Great info but unable to access skincare classes on your website because it's password protected!

jyfrank123 says:

Thanks for this video! We need the password to access the website?

Linda Cobarrubias says:

I would love the flyer as well. The website I found is password protected.

MarinaCamarena says:

How can I get this flyer please?

Cristina Diaz says:

How can I access this flyer?

Tiger Mommy Talks says:

Love those flyers, thanks?

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