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Bree Walker says:

Loveeeeee longer videos ❤️❤️

Morgan Hadley says:

chelsea in every intro: my name's chelsea
seasoned viewers: but is it STILL chelsea, like it was last time ?

Autumn Loichle says:

Anytime I hear any hun (or anyone for that matter) say "that's your body detoxifying" I instantly hear my medical school loans taunting me.

Emily Carveth says:

Please never apologize for the longer videos – they are such a treat!!! ❤️

Paper Terrace says:

Love the girl who posted her hair picture with the anti mlm info! I’m the girl who has been sending you way too many ig messages making fun of MLMs and asking for responses but I wish I had the nerves to post more!

Helen Frazier says:

Next time I will have my wine so not to cry. Geez!

Helen CG says:

Past WFG member here. Love your channel.

With WFG nothing is free. You pay the $100 to sign up. But what they don’t say is if you want to make any money you have to get your license. Insurance license cost approximately $350

Then to keep your license active with WFG you pay a monthly fee of $85

Then you attend biweekly meetings and the office you attend makes you pay a fee. My office charged $25 a month

Then there are special meetings Monthly Monday meetings that you also pay to attend.

Then if you want to boost your business they dangle Elite classes that you also pay to attend. That “supposedly “ boost your business! It’s a lie.

Then if you want to rent an office within the office more money.

Then they make you buy the team shirts. Average cost for 2 $50

Then the end of the year gala. You pay for that & your entire family to attend.

Looking back I was the biggest fool thinking the more I spent, I could fake it until I made it!!!

🚨stay away from WFG they are a scam!!!

Sara George says:

Just found your channel recently and I absolutely adore you! Thank you for providing quality content that makes my day! 😘

Erin W says:

Never apologise for longer videos ❤️

majaspace says:

spicy 🌶 get with it. #learnfromit #ANTIMLM

Alicia Lefort says:

Just joined the Reddit which I am looking forward to

The Open Conservative says:

Chelsea is literally becoming like an internet big sister to all of us! Fun, makes you laugh, but also tries to educate us so we don't make mistakes.

Jonathan Holmes says:

"Was that a good wink?" I don't know. It looks like you cut it out of the video, so it was probably pretty bad. 😂

Emily N says:

Planning a lunch break and a snack break at the same time is my kind of vibe.

Stardust, Lipstick & Horror says:

New shirt idea- "Dumparinos".

Carmina Villamizar says:

Can’t wait for you to get to mine .

Ashlye Underwood says:

Don’t apologize about the videos being long, we are addicted to them! I’m so sorry to all of those who wrote in. Truly heartbreaking AND infuriating.

Marcus Fontaine says:

I wonder what Chelsea’s gonna do the day that Monat is shut down…

Elizabeth West says:

Kills me that every time I watch one of these vids I get a "want to make easy money?" Ad 😆 like… pretty sure people watching Chelsea's videos are not the right audience😂😂 oh well, let them waste their ad money😁

Taylor Jane says:

"I'm better at winking with this eye" Flashesback to the disney instagram filter on your story earlier Also I can't use emojis on my laptop so while im here i just wanna try OMG YES

Kaiti May says:

Love the longer content and your channel! Keep up the good fight!

Lara Bee says:

It kept throwing me off when you read the story about Laura from WFG because it’s too similar to my name 😂 The boyfriend is thinking did she get kidnapped 😂😂 possibly held against her will…

Courtney Shaffer says:

I've definitely reported people using Bumble BFF for mlm purposes.

Natalie Gooding says:

Ok the video just started, so I don't have anything to say about that, but the neon light behind you makes your tips look blue and I think you would look so cute in blue hair! Ok that is all. ♥️

Jemimah Moradike Ishaya says:

It's the eyelashes for meeeee

Alexandra Caragiulo says:

I screamed at the super saiyan reference!! bangs on table one of us! One of us! 😂 love your videos

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