MLM HORROR STORIES #48 | Monat Reps Recruiting Cancer Patients, ITWORKS Buying Ranks + MORE #antimlm

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Happy Friday. Time for some MLM HORROR STORIES #48 | Monat Reps Recruiting Cancer Patients, Buying Ranks + MORE | #antimlm. Remember I upload every Monday, Wednesday & Friday. I hope to see you stick around.

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Deanna M
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Deanna Mims says:

Happy Friday! How is everyone doing today?🤍 any weekend plans?

Queen Of Spade says:

As an ex ItWorks rep, I am NOT surprised that they are also buying ranks, like Monat.

Great video Deanna!! You're killing it on here!! Much love to you!! xo

Jackie Powell says:

I love Olaplex! I'm glad it's not some MLM lol

Amber says:

I wonder if the excessive oiliness from Monat products is to prompt people to shampoo more often, which would then mean they’re running through the shampoo even faster, and will need to buy more.

KnitGirl 113 says:

The Plexus Pink Drink gave me migraines! It took me about 10 days to figure it out. I drank it every day around 10 am, and by noon I would have a migraine that lasted until bedtime. When I finally figured that the "Pink Drink" was my only lifestyle change, I stopped drinking it and my headaches stopped, like clockwork.

Nicole Calcagno says:

Dang these were good stories today! Honestly the excuses/explanations about how it's "not" a pyramid scheme make me laugh. I just wanna be like girl, quit playing yourself! lol. Also, loved the bloopers. lol.

Hannah McGregor says:

My parents have been hairdressers for about
40 years! They highly recommend olaplex!!

CaperJ says:

A young woman from my search and rescue team got roped into Younique after she was diagnosed with cancer. She was so sick that she had to quit her job, sell her house, and move in with her parents. I'm guessing that the Younique person heard that she had to quit her job and took advantage of that, telling her that she could make money working from home. She was a super sweet person and she would have had a hard time saying no. But she never wore makeup and didn't know much about it. For example, she referred to eyeshadow as eyeliner. I doubt that she made any money at it. It sickens me that a Younique hun took advantage of her like that. After battling for almost two years, she lost her fight with cancer. I don't like to wish bad things on people, but I hope that younique hun stubs her toe on a weekly basis for preying on a young woman who's life was cut way too short.

Allison Howerton says:

Okay so random but the Mary Kay one has me thinking.. would you ever do a video on dupes for MLM products from legit companies? I'd LOVE that. I do love the Satin Lips and Satin Hands from Mary Kay, as well as products from Scentsy, Young Living, and Perfectly Posh. But since falling down the anti-mlm rabbit hole, I refuse to purchase from them. Anyway, just a thought!

Kelsey Medel says:

My mother in law has battled cancer since 2014. And we lost my brother to cancer Dec 2020. I’m not an outspoken person or one that deals well with confrontation, but the thought of a rep targeting someone with cancer boils my blood and I have SEVERAL choice words for them 😡🤬😡🤬

Pascal S. says:

thumbnail: tfw she saw her boyfriends massive schlong for the first time

Molli says:

Omg the bloopers 😂😂

H Perry says:

hahahahah loved the bloopers at the end!!

kendel gardner says:

I tried monat once and it was really dull and dry after.

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