MLM TOP FAILS #24 | Most disgusting way to promote Monat, anti-MLMers must hate their lives #ANTIMLM

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Kristy Russell says:

What a video. Going through the comments, it seems many of us have had a miscarriage. Is the first clip absolutely disgusting? Yes. However; I'm thankful I got to bond with you wonderful wonderful women and we could share our experiences. We should be able to share WITHOUT an agenda. Love you ladies! 💖💖

alysebell1 says:

Umm I may be wrong but if something scares you it’s your brains way of telling you that you probably shouldn’t do it. Not that you should be doing it. The thought of jumping off a cliff scares me so by her logic I should be running for the nearest ledge.

Megan M says:

This woman cracks me up. I am a 1 income household. I don't have a husband or partner to rely on for a safety net. I bought a house on my own about 5 years ago and would love to quit my job and " follow my heart" but there are bills to pay and when you live in this place called reality you can't listen to these brainwashed sheep and find yourself living on the street. I feel so bad for people that are so gullible and fall victim to these scams. Thanks for helping to expose them in a straightforward and educated way.

Patricia Franco says:

WOOOOWWWWW. Horrific! Disgusting, and so low! I cannot!

Meghan Peters says:

The approach of the woman in the last clip also strikes me as more dangerous or potentially more insidious as well. Watching clips where the distributor takes that more positive, calm approach always leave me feeling more uneasy because it is difficult to tell the level of awareness that person has for why they're using that approach. Thank you for the shout out, I truly enjoy your content!

FrannieFine says:

So very often, you hear these ladies say things like the girl around the 10 minute mark of your video: "I want to decide how much money I make, I want to work whenever I want, I want to live the life I want to live…"
Do they realise how entitled they are being? At the same time, a lot of them talk about having the right mindset, positive thoughts, affirmations and all that stuff.
So, why not use those techniques to realise how lucky you are, having a family, a roof over your head, a secure job to provide you with an income, instead of falling for scams in the hopes of getting rich by doing nothing?!

Jenna McMains says:

The Plexus lady talking about women who don’t work being “naive” is so rude. How can she claim she is empowering women while taking down to women who work inside the home.

Becca Wagner says:

“Can I ask what makes you good?” The fact that a rep actually SAID that got me 💀

Tash says:

WHAT the ACTUAL…. Woah. I'm completely disgusted and horrified that woman even said those things! Holy damn.

Jen With_1_n says:

Gah! I’m so glad that lady isn’t a nurse anymore! (I can’t get this IV in this patients arm…. What’s the worst that could happen 🙄🙄🙄)

BB says:

Following your heart doesn't allow you to not think about money. I do agree money can rule people's lives….but following your heart doesn't change that..

Rae R says:

When I first watched the monat rep who was miscarrying story about it. I could not believe my ears and eyes. I thought about it for days. I was gobsmacked. Absolutely unhinged. There’s ways to discuss what you are going through but this was just so tactless. Completely unhinged. I still can’t believe it. So insensitive to watch and use to sell her pyramid scheme. She’s so brainwashed from the mlm CULture she can’t see why and what she did so wrong and why it is so harmful

Amelia McGee says:

Okay, wow. Clip 5 – I can see how she's been extremely successful in her MLM. She is a master manipulator and gaslighter but does such a good job of coming across as sincere. YIKES YIKES YIKES!

Chelanne Kercy says:

I just want to say…when I'm nervous or anxious there is no peace. Those are on opposite ends of my emotion spectrum. I can be nervous and angry. Nervous and excited. But I can't be nervous and at peace.

Klaire DeVos says:

I’m a teacher. Teaching is something I’m called to do and sometimes that is so scary to me! But even though it’s something I’m passionate about and love doing, I still make decisions based on money! Not because I’m afraid or worried about money but because I know that money doesn’t just appear out of nowhere 😂

Melissa Sanders says:

That common saying "They're just jealous" is such watered-down thinking. It is very elementary school. I'm SURE some people are jealous, even some anti-MLMers, but the vast majority have seen companies like these transform their friends and family into WORSE versions of themselves.

This is it. This is late-stage capitalism. Late-stage capitalism sees the end of buying and selling commercial goods. (MLMs DONT sell products.) MLMs are in the business of buying and selling dreams, ideas, and MINDS. Commodify your experience, use your children as advertisements, diversify your content by getting married and then getting divorced, your emotional trauma is a great selling point, everything you do or buy is a business expense because your life exists for the sole purpose of making money for a corporation.

Yes, there are parallels between a normal 9-5 and MLMs. To an extent you are always selling your body and mind to make someone else richer. Even if you work for yourself, it is necessary to slave away in constant competition with others in your field. But at the very least, those positions are regulated to compensate you, there are unions to fight for your wellbeing, they have standards of how employees interact with each other verbally, physically, sexually. Still, most jobs are able to be done and left at that. They do not force you to PAY for required retreats. They don't encourage you to divorce your spouse.

quotidian says:

My mother miscarried in a very public place when we were quite young. My mother was so traumatized by it that she never went back to that place. She rarely talked about it and wouldn't think to share that experience in such a graphic way.

Stuck with Sassafras says:

“I didn’t want to limit it to just my team. I wanted to help other women” what she’s really saying is she wanted other women to help her get rich

Maria Antonieta Herrera Linares says:

My 9 to 5 paid for my time off when I got Covid. I didn’t need to worry I wouldn’t be making money or be penalized for prioritizing my health.

My 9 to 5 covers my therapy sessions. I don’t have to do extra work to pay for it.

My 9 to 5 doesn’t expect me to be available when I’m on vacation. Nor does it expect me to defend my job to anyone, create and publicize free marketing content, recruit additional people to guarantee my income, etc.

I have so many more of these, but I’ll just stop at this. This is what my 9 to 5 does for me.

alison refior says:

I have no words. So insensitive of her.

Leah Simpson says:

The second lady is so wrong for saying that people need to work up the "courage" to spend the money on an MLM. It's not about BEING BRAVE, it's about being manipulated.

Kwanna says:

Yea that first one was …. a no. Very inappropriate. My heart sank when she said she was sitting on the toilet losing a pregnancy. Not a flex to keeping working.

Debbie Gaisford says:

The miscarriage one just shows how low these companies get people. Now, I'm not bashing anyone for talking about miscarriage. I've been there and I fully support awareness. Absolutely. Nobody should just shut up and feel alone. That, however, is a whole new level of despicable using that subject to try and benefit you in an MLM. I'm so sorry for her loss, but disgusted with how she's using it as a recruitment tactic. Wow. If this doesn't make people see how bad MLMs are…🤷🏼‍♀️

Brenan Weidmer says:

Putting out tens of thousands of dollars towards renting a mansion and private chef is not courage. It's not. That's not what courage is. Courage is barely making ends meet, worrying about how you'll put food on the table for your family, and getting up each day and trying anyway. Courage is standing up for minorities and those who are being harassed and discriminated against even if you stand alone. Courage is being part of a minority and being knocked down time and again, and continuing to rise anyway. Courage is doing the right thing when no one else is. Spending tens of thousands of dollars on a mansion you didn't need so you can scam more people is not courage. It's privileged af is what it is and I don't like it.

joseph tinajero says:

Iam sorry baby.

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