MLM TOP FAILS #26 | Owning a real business was too hard, using child to sell Herbalife #ANTIMLM

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Fia M'Quve says:

Your silent reactions are everything 😂

Lyssi says:

“When you own your own business you have to wear EVERY hat” like yeah girl… that’s what owning/operating a small business IS. She’s literally making it sound like she was too lazy or didn’t care enough to keep her business going

Leanne Walker says:

Love your videos Hannah, and as for Cooper he needs his own Instagram 💕💕

Florence Bastien says:

I kept wrapping all this up into a comparison of my job. I work for a local winemaker—selling wine in the tasting room, packaging orders, shipping, delivering wholesale and local orders, and sometimes working in the actual winemaking operation. Here are some things I saw in this video that I would never do, nor would most of us watching this video, because we have basic common sense and critical thinking skills:

1. Claim that I own the winery because I sell their products. What is this idea that you own a business just because you work there?! Even if I did all my sales and work from home and never talked to the owners, I wouldn’t own the business. There’s a manager position opening up that I could take and I would be doing sales and managing a “team”, and guess what…still wouldn’t own the business. The only way to own a company is if the current owners sell it to you, and that’s true of MLMs too.

2. Insinuate that my friends are less than me because THEY don’t work in the wine industry. Listen, winemaking and beverage service retail isn’t for everyone! It’s extremely physical with long hours of standing and heavy lifting, and 99.9% of it is customer facing—the good, the bad, and the ugly. I can’t imagine writing a Facebook post berating my friends for not wanting to do it, no matter how much I love it.

3. Claiming that my income can “pay for Christmas”. I make really good money! We have owners that are good people who treat us like part of the family. We get a living wage plus tips, in an industry that tends to tip higher than average. We also get a lot of perks with the job. But obviously my total income is dependent on how business is doing, and it doesn’t make sense to promise anything to people interested in my job. What I can promise them is a consistent, steady baseline income even if we had zero customers. I don’t know a single MLM that can promise the same.

Spoken Word Poetries says:

Ummm….entrepreneurs absolutely have mentors. You have to seek them out through networking and asking, but so many people want to help those who are just starting out or not pros yet, especially if they show promise. Also, there are so many ways to be a business owners that don't start out with raw materials. I've said it before, but I started an online tutoring company back in the day with my laptop, WiFi and free children's e-books. It was all profit from day one. I just hate how they try to make it sound like the MLM is the only way. You have SO many options!

Marisa Cowan says:

Oh, Hannah, you look so sad😥😥for this girl.

Little Anina says:

The million dollar club reallyyyyyy is such a scam. First, as you said, it means a million dollar comission over a couple of years. Secondly, in any REAL business you would at least subtract your expenses from your sales, and if you subtract the expenses many of the “millionaires” probably barely made a decent living🙄

StayUpChasingStars says:

They took the statistic that 60% of "millionaires" in MLMs are women and switched up the words

aliciamazingg says:

5 digits about to be dropped into your account… the cents do not count haha

Snoogans Lestat says:

If the womans child is whiney because they need a nap here is an idea Put Her In Bed!!

Snoogans Lestat says:

Eating real food is good for nutrition.

Snoogans Lestat says:

They are the exact opposite of entrepreneurs.

Gingersnaps1978 says:

Came for anti-MLM content; stayed for Cooper’s little paw

suzanne Stone says:

Just an fyi, when I was in ARBONNE there we’re actually Amish or Menenite RVP, and instead of a white Mercedes they got white horse and buggies! They don’t have internet, so they spend a lot of their time at the local library. They even came to the 2018 Arbonne convention in Vegas.

heartsandpulseras says:

I think the female millionaire claim comes from a statistic that the majority of millionaires in MLM are women, or something like that? I have heard it claimed the other way around and debunked in other videos.

Courtney LaTour says:

Hey! I loveeeee your channel and in regards to the comments you made about Mennonite girls joining mlms it's insane. I come from that of background(I got the heck out of there) and I can't tell you how many of those girl falls for this BS. They are taught from a young age to be "stay at home" moms. if they don't stay at home with their children they are guilt shamed to no end.. So this "opportunity" gives them an out. Also it shows those that follow them that it's a way "out". One of the girls I know from my past literally mlm hops like every 6 months. it's so sad:/ those posts make me want to scream or start a YouTube channel to spread awareness. (Yes I know my punctuation sucks but you get the idea) 🤪

jessah armita says:

I was so triggered when the first girl called all the things you have to do for your own business “obnoxious things”… Excuse me, but you the MLM hun are the one who is doing the most obnoxious things now. Spamming and scamming are pretty obnoxious 🙄

Evonne Acevedo says:

Augh, I felt so terrible for the It Works-to-Le-Vel gal. But the whole time I was yelling into the screen, “STOP WITH THE SUPPLEMENTS AND TRY EATING A VEGETABLE”

Lisa Helling says:

I can't imagine the success & satisfaction of my job and thereby my quality of life became dependent on recruiting people in to becoming nurses like me. I get paid on my own talent & merits, not if a girl I knew from high school can start an IV (or something like that) Do huns know how weird that is?

Megan M says:

When the ending ad on this video is someone selling a masterclass on "how to grow your network marketing business" 🤣

Sarah Yount says:

More charitable ways to help people:
– donate money
– volunteer
– sponsor a family in need
– buy gifts from sustainable businesses that employ people who have endured domestic abuse, trafficking, reformed convicts, those in other countries.
– invite a widow or anyone who is spending the holiday alone that you know to spend the holiday with you.

Carolyn Angi says:

I think you should absolutely create some sketchy reddit post with a completely BS statistic about MLMs and then do a followup on how long it actually took for them to start citing it!

Shannon Owings says:

6:45 … "I'm about to watch 5 digits drop into my bank account…."

Yeah, $103.72 is, in fact, 5 digits. There could be some truth in that? 😆

Sarah Yount says:

I will NEVER understand how these people sign up to be a distributor without trying the products. It would be so irresponsible for anyone to sell a product that they have no experience with, especially something having to do with health and wellness (or like these MLMs fronting as a health and wellness business)

Like when I’ve heard something good about a brand whether it is skincare, hair care, or supplements I’m not going to buy a ton of products without trying one or two first.

Also, if an influencer promoted a product they have not tried and got a kickback from it, they would lose all credibility.

joanna lorenzo says:

So is it a requirement, or just a voluntary act of loyalty within the hun cult-ure, to give up custody of their brain?

thanks i hate it says:

i genuinely don’t why these huns don’t get that being in an MLM ≠ owning your own business.

Sarah Yount says:

“I turned $300 to millions with this easy business… I would choose it every day over a traditional business” ummm then why do you still have your swimsuit business? If you’re already dreading mailing out swimsuits from your sale coming up then why do you still have the business? OR why don’t you hire someone to do the packing and shipping with the millions you have?

Also, you don’t have to pay 3.5k for a website, you can get someone to create a custom site, branding elements, and social media strategy for less than that. The price range is huge, it just depends on who you choose and the package you choose. AND the site and branding that you get for 3.5k is WAYYYY more impressive, aesthetic, and memorable than your monat link…

I can’t with these boss babes

TansieTen says:

This woman just sounds like she has an iron deficiency. I would suggest she goes to her doctor to get a physical, but bless her heart, she might not have insurance.

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