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clynnadams32 says:

Every time that brunette says, "the business" take a drink. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Allie O says:

6:21 chick said “business” 14 times in a couple minutes 😂 damn girl

Anna W says:

I don’t know the whole drinking game thing could turn into a really fun game of naked twister.

But at the same time I love my liver and wouldn’t want to go to jail for flashing my neighbors so I’m conflicted 🤔

bob bob says:

you look amazing. remember me from few videos back?

Emily Blackie says:

You are an actual goddess in human form!!!

YazmanianDevil says:

So if comments like that don't phase her, why is she taking time to speak on it? She is clearly phased. Also I find it interesting that she says you can't really have an opinion unless you have worked the business but if your opinion of it is negative and you did work the business, it's because you didn't work it properly. Way to put everybody between a rock and a hard place there…

Nissa H says:

Omg. That Pinch Burger girl is so drunk she can barely talk. Plus so full of herself. That was hard to watch.

Nissa H says:

Ok, Ariel, I ordered some of that Good Clean wine so we can drink together! ( How do you rock every effing wig you put on, Chelsea??!!)

Nicki's Makeup says:

Totally unrelated to the content ( which I've been bingeing like crazy) but what is the eyeshadow you're wearing? Like crease & lid. Ha. You're gorgeous and I love your humor.

SpOiled Artist says:

Burger 🍔 girl leaving out that the burger would go from $4 to $45 for it to be an accurate example

PUKE BOY says:

I work 8 hour shifts/4 days a week at a fast food joint. I am constantly told how hard I work. Considering that I get three days off, a healthy paycheck, don't have to market, don't have to buy product myself, and don't have to find every last person under every last rock and log to work for Jack In The Box under me… Yeah, no, don't tell me MLM victims don't work hard enough.

Anonymous says:

I feel like you should host an a & e or tlc show about mlm/self help cult stuff. You’re very compelling and truth telling

Panda Bear says:

I was in Herbalife a little over a year before I fully opened my eyes and realized how toxic that shit is 🥴 I had seen some red flags early on with the coaches but thankfully 😅 I felt uncomfortable presenting the “business opportunity” and never signed anyone under me because it felt so cringe 😬

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