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00:00 Disclaimer & Intro
01:57 Qualifying Requirements
08:07 Hotel & Flight
11:58 Monats Cost
13:47 Out Of Pocket Cost
18:07 Cringe Reactions
25:28 COVlD Regulations
30:00 More Cringe


CC Suarez says:

Correction: Many Monat ladies have been saying starter kits you sell/ppl you recruit doesn't count towards PV but it does go towards GV.. Just wanted to make that tiny tiny correction. Again all the information I show I got FROM THE MONAT WEBSITE.

Judy Rodriguez says:

Ok.. wait… so if you're in this business to gain the EXTRA income and some type of help… how in hell would you be buying $600 or more in products for yourself, that makes no dam sense. YOU DON'T!! The sales are ON YOU! you work your own way… if you want to be grimey and buy your own products, so be it.. you're the one loosing, the company gives you the 'incentives' because you reached the 'requirements' and rank! Now, if you do that type of business to reach those ranks and incentives, you WILL FAIL SOON! But if do the work the right way, the rewards make sense and you feel good about it! Now, as to the trip, flights etc… does it matter? Shit, put me in the tail I'm good. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Whatever…. you all judge, I really don't care.. but don't judge things just because someone says it. 🙄

Koz Minya says:

Did you know they a have remix of the monat song? I can't

Wendy Soto says:

not be an a** but how is going to Vegas a luxury 🤦🏻‍♀️ Vegas is a weekend trip. 💀

Makeup with Sandra says:

I’ve just found your channel and I love your videos 😭💕

OhhhK says:

Recently flew spirit, it’s not even just choosing your seat, it’s GUARANTEEING your seat. I accidentally booked two flights with spirit and both flights were overbooked and they had to do the whole “if you don’t have a seat number on your ticket come to the desk” and those people were told they weren’t on that flight. YIKES.

Hawaiian Shirts says:

22:53 "The benefit of the doubt" is a whole $9. That's awesome.

Melissa Harris says:

Your look here is BANGIN'!!

Stephanie B says:

I was in Australia for 2 weeks (from Texas) and only had a carry-on, much to the surprise of the border agent in Sydney. But I just did laundry while there. I loathe checking a bag unless absolutely necessary

BeautybyJanae says:

Love this video I was wondering the same things. My friends are in deep with this cult and went and I had major fomo but this makes me feel 100% better

Hope says:

I have never checked a bag. Ever. I worked a corporate job where I traveled somewhere 3-4 days out of the week. I'm just a super light traveler.

Janet Blake says:

Hahahaha they don’t know that real
Work trips Pay for everything and reimburse you for everything outside
Of entertainment butttttt if you’re schmoozing a client they will
Cover entertainment lol real sales job stuff

Maria Barnard says:

How are these people even able to make rent?

D L says:

CC, you are doing the Lord’s work. MLMs are absolute scum.

Originaluis Miramontes says:

You guys haven’t been in a business and it shows!!

Mary Thoj says:

Every few years, young and naive people get sucked into MLMs. Believe me, I almost got sucked into it in my 20s too but thankfully I saw them for what they truly were

Daniela Romero says:

I don’t defend the act of those girls making out or flashing their debit cards but NOT ALL Monat girls should be judged because of a couple of them that don’t know how to take the business professionally. There are a lot of girls out there transforming, hustling and raising kids with JUST Monat.
It is okay to have an OPINION but it is not okay to bash on someone else’s ways of making money or calling them “idiots” and “stupid”. How does that make YOUUUU any better of a person? Better yet how does YouTube glorify your judgment and your ignorance? Sorry you had a bad experience with Monat but that isn’t the right way to approach it.
Thousands of other people don’t believe in Covid or masks etc? So what? To each it’s effin’ own…and let’s not even get into politics cause half of these people preaching about Covid guidelines are hypocrites. Smh


Louisiana Bred says:


Kayla Knoxxx says:

I don't check a bag…. some women don't need lots of things and don't care about materialism and fake american values… but yes I love your point its important to point out how scammy the trip was.

Flip the Rx says:

Thanks for getting your V card😉 I'm a nurse and we are tired

Shanna Hill says:

Imagine standing in front of Target with a group of friends promoting Suave shampoo, saying y'all started a shampoo business because you buy it lol.

Mariah Kennedy says:

How is it a bad thing that the company (like any other company) is still trying to make money for themselves… why do you even care about all this so much ? You get so annoyed apparently about these Monat chicks and the only reason can be because you’re jealous of someone.. like this is so sad to me that you have a channel bashing a company that truly changes so many peoples lives for the better. Calling a legitimate number one company a cult 😆😅 like omg girl what happened to you that you’re so damn salty and jealous of Monat ladies?!
It’s sad and not a good look. I never talk shit like this on comments like , ever but everything you’re saying is one way incorrect.. and two, all you’re showing is how fucking jealous you are of these girls like it’s really sad! You’ve obviously spent way too much time on this and and why if you hate it so much just don’t have anything to do about it and live your life cause this is sad

Kate Braunstein says:

I went on this trip actually – we don’t get PV for recruitment, just group volume so it was just sales and personal purchases. i went into $700+ in debt because of this trip tho… i was tier 1 so i had to pay for my food and drinks. needless to say i’ve been questioning if i should stay in it or not because SHIT went down gurl…

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