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Hi! Today we are reacting to a monat hun that went a lil crazy on instagram live!
Remember, pyramid schemes are illegal! #antimlm

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Yael Webber says:

It’s not freaking obvious, I worked in sales for years when my boss gave out bonuses and gifts for making a goal we got to keep our gifts even if we left

Stephanie Mannina says:

These Karen’s spend most their time defending they are not a pyramid.

Stephanie Mannina says:

Cult of Karen’s!!🤬🤣🤣🤣

elesha piper says:

So much angry, condescending enegry defending car payments to random people on the internet. How exhausting.

officiallyval says:

Can I just say- her hair look thin AF 🤣

Thetruth Alwayshurt says:

Subscribed. Liked your honesty

Thetruth Alwayshurt says:

Monet products suck anyways 😂. Sorry but her hair doesn’t even look good and she mentioned just getting it done 😆.

CaribbeanLounger says:

Oh, so it's not a pyramid scheme… it's just SHAPED like a pyramid. Got it. Another garage qualified hun barely holding it together. Nothing says confidence in what you do, like live petty streaming to defend the 'job' you 'love'. Women like this are just mind numbingly stupid. She's so desperate to look like a big girl, but she's so transparent I could see the headboard through her back.

MomZillainNOVA says:

Imagine accidentally announcing to the world that you clearly have shitty credit and pay a horrendous interest rate for your car loan.

MomZillainNOVA says:

Wow. :This skank really makes you want to buy products from her doesnt she?

Wolfhound says:

23:22. Yowzers…so basically, she fell for the sale tactics, got sucked in by her own shallow idea of what’s important, and then assumes everyone else thinks like her. 😢

Laura Piacentini says:

They never talk about the actual products though. Which is always suspect to me lol. What’s talked about 99% of the time is how to get a “free car” and “paid for trips” and “working from your phone.”

I can work from my phone as a personal trainer lol and not have to scam people to buy my services. These people are shady as hell

Spice Kidz says:

Why are they called Huns?

Krislyn Kate says:

$950 a month for a car? How bad is her credit? That sounds like a horrible interest rate and it also sounds like she didn't save any money as a down payment. Plus an Escalade is such a desperate car, it screams "look at me I'm a soccer mom"

Rachel Aquino says:

No, hun, I haven’t tried the products because I’ve seen horror stories about them!

AussieAnnie62 says:

this chick is really condescending. ugh. (not you Emily)

JoÈlla Hart says:

Am late, but what is it all about with the „Cadillac“ ? Is That the Influencer car of the century? Is that an American iconic car? Am from Germany sorry for my ignorance!!!

S E says:

$950 a month for a car. That’s not including petrol and registration and insurance? That’s outrageous.

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