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Megan Murphy says:

I oddly enjoy the tone of the monets woman's voice. I can't follow what the hell she's saying but I could listen to her read a dictionary. Maybe she could make real money in asmr!!

Missy says:

She works 40 hrs a week at her real job, but says she gets to stay home with her kids?🤔

WDown317 says:

Damn…. this one is particularly manipulative, isnt she?

Hugh Mad Bro says:

Girllll where’d you get that salad? Tell me a store because I don’t have healthy food around me & it looks 🔥

A D says:

Omg can you talk about this one person on Instagram Galadarling she wants people to pay her for manifesting money more and pay her so people can love themeselves she says “if you pay me a 100$ i can say exactly what you need to do, so you can be happy again and love yourself”. I think it’s a pyramid scheme she even gets sensitive on comments and it’s scary how people actually believe this stuff!!! She’s very self centered too.

tanishanchanya says:

Also another speculation from the first Mohun is that if her ex-husband made more money than she did when they were together, he would most likely have to sustain her lifestyle when they were married. Not too sure about how it works in each state, but this is something my husband and I have learned based on past divorces we’ve personally seen in the family

ShanGlam says:

“I don’t want to work from sun up to sun down”
says she works at the gym to get to see the sunrise

Jasper Jordan says:

I’m sorry I’m 20 and every stimulus check I have just put into my savings.

Jasper Jordan says:

My mom works at a university and she took off a few days during reading week and she spoiled me. We went to get our nails done and had lunch. But she works a nine to 5!!!! And she’s done stuff like that often! Also rn she’s working at home and was able to take care of a puppy!

Lavell Success wealthy says:

I just search this up i knew this was coming 😂😂 theses mlm is outta pocket

Acelyons says:

New subbie! Have been binge watching while at work 🙂🙂

winndee wonderland says:

IF she is making “the entire stimulus check every week” she should NOT have gotten the stimulus Check!! Obviously she is NOT filing taxes CORRECTLY…….AND she JUST ADMITTED IT ON IG/YOUTUBE!!!!
*Side Note: what a GREAT Mother she is……..she is making IG or YouTube Videos while her kids are running around HUNGRY!!!! She told the kid to wait for breakfast!!!*

Anna A says:

"get whatever they think that they need" lol yes that is what money literally is for. what they don't need is a pyramid scheme, move along

Beatrice says:

Wait did she (the MLM lady) say she was not even 30 yet and then say she was 35 or do I need to get my hearing tested lol 🤣😂😹

Lynnette Mooney says:

Why do these drones act like people who work normal jobs cant spend time with their family and kids? They act like we live and sleep at our jobs. We have to come home eventually 😅😅😅😅

melbell713 says:

First why do all mlm huns assume everyone has kids? Next, there’s no way she can bring in what she says she makes with Monat if she’s not doing it full time (cause she says she’s full time at gym and tired). I say this because they always say the reason people “don’t succeed “ in an mlm is because they don’t commit fully and don’t spend enough time on it.

Leanna Parsons says:

She makes the amount of the stimulus every month…. that’s not that much. I make close to $2,600 a month and I am nowhere near upper middle class…

Stacy Logan says:

Is she really bragging that she makes more than $600 a month? Girl, that's not good. That won't even cover rent…

PinkJelly Bean says:

Chelsea it makes me feel so good to know that I’m not the only one who’s obsessed with press on nails.. I’ve been doing them since quarantine started and I don’t think I’d go back to acrylics. Random thought ❤️ keep putting out good content, I’ve been a fan since your channel was small and it’s been fun watching it grow 💋

Jacqueline Chrisman says:

Okay so, she gets to live her life of freedom and do what she wants and she still works full time at a gym? Excuse me, but am I missing something? She's not free if she's working. What the heck?

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