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Bren Karl says:

this is the same tactic of Unicity and a lot of network marketing companies use for their seminar 🤦🏻‍♂️ I’ve been there

B Real says:

What I find most telling about these people, is that they say A WHOLE LOT without ever saying anything. They kind of repeat the same, self-help “believe in yourself” and “work hard and you’ll succeed” tropes. They lack any real information, specific data on what works and what doesn’t, AND THEY NEVER TALK ABOUT THE PRODUCTS. Because the products are shit, and they don’t make money selling. They make money recruiting, and that’s the issue.

Ms M says:

Without all this tea ☕️ in the ANTI-MLM videos- I have always known that I am not designed for the MLM life (even with the dreams they sell)… but now my question is: on these Zoom calls are the attendees not allowed to ask “but you said it was easy, you said I will have all the free time in the world… what happened to all of that?” Someone get me on these calls – I will ask, just to frustrate the living daylights out of them. Don’t they tell people they will get paid for washing their hair? Now they tell them they will struggle for 2 years… I died twice 🤞🏽😂

Ella Yutzy says:

"I have a solution for everyone" Who are you? God? Idiots.

Yee Haw says:

We lost 25k in 4 years with amway and world wide Dream builders. It’s a huge cult. Amway is the scam. But wwdb is a fucking sick cult!

Trisha H says:

The products are good, I really like most. The trainings I'm not feeling tho. It's mostly stay at home women who have time to post and hang out on internet. I haven't had anyone sign up so I'm just basically using the products. I'm my own customer.

ada mederos says:

All your content is about hating on a company… do something else with your life please your boring.

Katherine Petersorf says:

She almost had a moment of self realization. She was like, "You can't just manifest MMB … / you have to work at it." She almost realized her manifesting money mindset BS was BS, and then she just breezes past it and back to the T (though control) of the BITE.

Claudia Martinez says:

Have any of those products worked for anyone here?? 🤔 did they help anyone with hairloss?

Andrea D says:

Remember when Moira and David tried to sell Allez Vous to the ladies of Schitt's Creek?? 😅😅

Kendra Mayberry says:

Also there's a girl up top eating noodles. I love it. I'm hungry.
I died 😂😂

Anam M says:

So well articulated! Love your videos. Super informative 👌❤️

Corey King says:

A friend of mine’s girlfriend is a Monat “hun”. Her Instagram story consists of anywhere from 20-30 slides a day and 98% of them are regarding Monat. She’s always saying how grateful she is to work from her bed and boasts about how lazy she really is. What makes me laugh all the time is when she takes her “Greens”, which is a powder that you mix with water that has X amount of vegetables in it. She talks about how she never used to get enough vegetables in her diet and how the “greens” make up for it. “I feel so much better since I started taking my greens and if I don’t have them I crave junk food”. 😂 But the BEST part about it? She always says how good the greens taste but when she takes them on camera she literally uses 1/3 of the pre measured scoop!!! Yeah, they must be delicious when you can’t even handle the serving size. 🤣🤣

Jennifer Rose says:

I love your videos I just subscribed ❤️

Shannon Boutin says:

The best thing Monat is doing is keeping these idiots out of the classroom teaching children. #goawayho

Aliz Toth says:


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