MY EXPERIENCE WITH ONLINE SCAMS | Affiliate marketing| Network Marketing| MLM | Onlyemilina

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Did you really think I would put the link of open mind x sunglasses?
Sogle free zai tumka shiiii!🤣

Hope you guys enjoyed this video! Let me know!

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Onlyemilina says:

I know it's a Monday! Was waiting for youtube to clear the check but still without monetization I posted this! Stop being needy y'all 😂😂😂

Marilyn Coutinho says:

Your Granny's cameo was just too good…and she stole the show 🥰 Get her back! We need more of her ❤ # OGs

Danston Gomes says:

Bizz Ness😂😂😂 if u know u know

Tyson Da Costa says:

Agree and disagree to some points… but yes good one…


😂 😂 😂 Tht 🐐 🔥

Gaileon Gauj says:

Bizgurukul 👍😂

Joyston Fernandes says:

Bangra kashanv🤣🤣🤣👌👌

Canviceo Correia says:

Moneymedian + comedian

My secret crush onlymelenia

Vaishali Dhiwar says:

Was that bizgurukul¿

Shreeraj Sawant says:

Are you talking about Bizgurukul website

Mysticia Colaco says:

Where is your background

Alester Vaz says:

This guy told me they gonna teach me trading after 9k subscription fees …
And in the name of trading the main focus was network marketing 😭😂

Gautami Naik says:

Hahhaha gold coffin 😎🔥

Woman says:

When I was a teenager, I was on the verge of falling for this scam. If it wasn't for my friend I would have been a prey to this scam. They rightly say that adolescence is a very tender age. I had the fire of wanting to do something and they did try to lure me into it. One of them even told me sell my gold chain. Well, when I look back its seems to be funny. People(my so called friends) who had fallen for it have now quit. All is well that ends well.


I got in this fraud once……..☹️😑Shezz 💯💯💯Correct……Being millionare isn’t easy bro without smart and hardwork……….Stay tuned beaware of such scams😅😅

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