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Vanakkam friends,
Network marketing in Tamil, this is very great concept where we can become rich in 5 year or we can experience millionaire mindset within 3 year. Learn the difference between network marketing and traditional marketing.


panam sambarikalam vanga says:

Phygicart going to blast Indian Market

tech useful and funny says:

How can contact you

Vasandha Kumar says:

Glaze treding india privat limitet அந்த Company ய பத்தி ஒரு வீடியொ போடுங்க Sir pls

sreekanth s says:

Indias top combany intrest iruntha msg me 8156943821

Surya Surya says:

sema sir nalla purithu ennum eathurparkurom

Nethajipriya DJ says:

Indian no 1 network marketing company join panna willing person cl this num 9659617938

Govindha Samy says:

Bro Direct selling marketing pathi sollunga

Kicha Cute Baby says:

Vanakkam MG 2.0

Premalatha Palanisamy says:

Spr explaination bro ……?? Bro do video about Galway company plzz

Mass ammu says:

Bro entha product is dangerasa erentha ena panrathu . example valikaran tamil movie .

veti pasaga says:

iam….work. in. glaze. India. pvt. Ltd…… marketing. buisness….. any. one. interesting. buisness… call. me. 9384481104

Entertainment 420 says:

Enaku terinji settle aana neraiya per irukanga…indha field la…,,?

Civil Sriram says:

bro i love network marketing. i am join in glaze company. how i success my Bussiness Patner…

Salmon N says:

Bro really super ????????????thanks unga advantage information network marketing strength business innum itha paththi nirayo video podunga and unga voice very bold super . bye

Saravana vpm says:

Thanks yooo so much sir ??
But people’s understand pandrathu Illa sir so tha is the problem

Arul Pandian says:


bala karthi says:

17mins video..advantages full ah pesitu..disadvantages pesave smart..


Hi frnds….new company new plan for network marketing…no fixed target…interested people msg me

all mix tamil says:

Semma sir i am networker

Gopalakrishnan p says:

Hey check out this amazing app and Earn money. Use my refer

Pradeep Kumar says:

Anyone interested in network marketing based on matrix method WhatsApp 8754824348

Sethu Pathi says:

Glaze marketing good bro any person call me 8428113025….

Arunkumar Thangapandian says:

my friend joined in network marketing. he asked me to come and do business. he never said about company name and detail. one day we met, he came with his senior. he explained this same what i saw in this video except disadvantage. speaks more about money money(u can earn lot of money) , not detail about business. finally asked me 6lakhs to join. i shocked and replied i dont have that much amount. he said apply personal loan and give within 1week else next week amount will increase. then i went, my friend tortured me for 1month to join. next month he said amount reduced to 5lakhs and join immediately da. he always posted status like im not slave like employees and i want to live like boss. i saw these kind of slogan and all. one day i said im not interested, he got angry and said i will come in bmw and punish u one day. These guys are so mad about what they are doing. i dont know about this bussiness. but something basically wrong what i see. people always talk amount money. yes money is important but this will lead dangerous. (and one more thing they said we are not employees, we partners and they visted Singapore, Bangkok in a year. this will get u curious and they meet in high class coffee shops too).

KV Ishan Marketing Corporation says:

Hai na mlm business panran..
Monthly ₹50,000 products refer (sale) panna income ₹20,000 kedaikum
₹1,00,000 sale panna income ₹40,000
Interested whatsapp or call me 7010444729

Vijay akumar says:

super sir tq

Gk Gunasekaran says:

Entha product eruntha antha company nalla company ya erukkum

Harry's Dice says:

Sir உங்கள் நம்பர்

Cute Babies says:

im doing network marketing with daily income credited to bank account if anyone interested wats ap 7502490008

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