Network Marketing Tips – TOP 3 Social Media Posts To Build Your Network Marketing Business

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Network Marketing Tips – TOP 3 Social Media Posts To Build Your Network Marketing Business

In this video I want to share with you the 3 types of Social Media posts you need to do every single week to build your Network Marketing business.

1) Facebook or Instagram Lives

Apart from growing awareness, growing influence and growing confidence, what you’re going to get from Lives is validation on what you’re talking about.

So you have to be doing at least 1 (if not 2 or 3) Facebook or Instagram Lives every single week.

Talk about how you’ve helped other people, talk about the passions and interests that you have, talk about the people you met, the places that you visited, the products that you bought,…

2) Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels are blowing up right now.

So, for the next 9 Instagram posts that you do, make them all Instagram Reels.

And in this video I share with you my top tip on how to create successful Instragram Reels to build your Network Marketing business.

3) Instagram Carousels

A carousel is when, instead of posting one single picture, you post many pictures under the same post.

And carousels are getting massive exposure right now by the algorithm, so make sure you take advantage of them.

My dare for you is this: go ahead and do 1-3 Facebook or Instagram Lives every single week, do your next 9 Instagram posts as Reels and then 1-3 Instagram Reels every single week, do your first Instagram carousel and then at least one carousel every single week.

And if you want to discover the #1 way to build your Network Marketing business on Social Media, go to:

To watch again this TOP 3 Social Media Posts To Build Your Network Marketing Business video click here:


Wilmerson Cruz says:

Holaaa @frazer Me encanta tu contenido! como puedo obtener tus libros en Colombia?

Chidi Onyenso says:

Thanks a lot Frazer, Great Value… I'll do all I can to practice this 3 steps of LIVE Performances…

Loredana Zinca says:

You’re so awesome Frazer!!! I usually watch you on Facebook…. but I clicked on the email to your YouTube 💙🙌🏽🤩 carousals on Facebook? Really??? Thanks Frazer

Dawn Dykman says:

I did my first 2 EVER Reels and so much more engagement then my other posts. People are watching that I didn’t even know!

stephen houghton says:

Hey thanks Frazer ,just ordered your books plus the bonuses cant wait to get down to it all !

Emma Byrne says:

Thank you for these tips, I really need to start doing lives just a bit scared of doing them at the moment. You always give great value and energy x


Love your tip #3 I will definitely do that!!!!
All your information is so great Fraser! Ordered my books too, can hardly wait to get them! ♥️

Scott Smith says:

Frazer do you regularly clean your followers. I get so many loving for marriage which, of course, are just scammers. Or do you just leave them so your followers number grows faster?

Sharon Gosse says:

Great tips. Thank you!

Rachel Hoy says:

Thank you Frazer! Should we be sharing reels/carousel’s to Facebook also?

Marie Kilminster says:

Love listening to you so much great advice! Never heard of Inst carousels til now!

Natures Frequencies UK says:

Thank you for reminding about IG carousel! Going to do it now ☺️

Ruby Shufflebotham says:

Love this , on it! Thank you 😊

Malcolm Watson says:

Really helpful update Frazer! Thank you!

andreea laza says:

Great value ❤️

Rukundo Clementine says:

I love ur teaching, can you please show me how you can make planner for or week for live on Facebook with out say the something

Kelly Rothweiler says:

Thanks for sharing Legend! 🔥

Sara Jane Mirza says:

You always make me 😆 love the banter 🤪 thank you for the tips ❤️

Jegaa Suriya says:

Great information thank you 😊

Wendi Benjamin says:

This is brilliant! Thanks so much… off to find out more about reels! Have a huge fear of going live but I’m working on that and going way out of my comfort zone! X

Obadina Bolatito says:

Thanks so much for sharing this powerful tip

Mateusz Zgajewski says:

super frazer the best

Shibhon M. says:

Thank you Frazer ❤️

Omar Banna says:


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