Overcoming Objections in Network Marketing – "I Need To Think About It"

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It is always unpleasant to hear objections when building your MLM business.

Having to hear objections from your Network Marketing prospects when you pitch your products and business to them can be quite discouraging.

However, if you are able to clear the confusion out of your customer’s head and overcome their objections, you are one step closer to making another product sale or getting a new distributor in your Network Marketing business.

If you are beginning your career in MLM, facing objections can be quite terrifying for you.

But don’t ever let the any Network Marketing objections you receive frighten you from going out there and getting successful.

In today’s video you’re going to learn the best way to handle one of the most common objections in Network Marketing: “I Need To Think About It”.

Once you’ve watched this video, let me know in the comments below how many people are you going to reach out to in the next 10 days, who’ve already told you “I’m Going To Think About It”.

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Frazer Brookes says:

Let me know if the comments what you would love us to cover more of on this channel?
Oh, and don't forget to get your copy of my best selling book 'I Dare You':

Someh Niengor says:

BINGO!! SO Good! Thank you! Stay Blessed Frazer

Vincent Obero says:

My mentor ,
I love this.

Am always asked how much money am making in the business

Majorly my closest friends as me often

Plz give me more knowledge on how to handle the above objection,thanks

Jovan Madzunarov says:

Hi Frazer, I think we need content about Duplication, how we can duplicate our team 🙂 Greathings from Macedonia :))


I found you only last week and you are such an easy person to listen to 🙂 thank you!

Nick Wood says:

Such a great answer and it's great to get the clarity. I am guilty of saying "ok let me get back to you later" This is a much better answer thank you 😃

Digital Income Streams - DIS says:

Hello Frazer, my name is Emrys Bessey from Ghana. I love your contents and I would like to have a convo with you if possible on how to break a certain code in mlm which is giving thousands of people great results but I don't know how to put things together and also to build a cross-country business relationship with you. How do we connect personally?

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