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Laura Guerro says:

The only way you manifest is once you are specific about what are you looking for exactly!

Melanin Cybersecurity says:

Im sorry though your intros are on point

Still seeing all of those whiteWomen in one place as a blackWomen, still makes me nervous. I just couldnt do it…I cant trust those many of them in one place

Joe Mullings says:

Love this channel! Just subscribed!

Carla Howard says:

I was moving up the Plexus ladder when the top girls got me fired with falsehoods. The sister got my huge team and no one at the company would talk to me. All I had done was question if the “pink drink’s formula” had changed. They had everyone block me and I had no way to prove my innocence. They wrote shaming comments about me all over Facebook. I ended up in the hospital for five days with a heart event. I was making five figures a month after five months with Plexus. I truly loved the products but this retired teacher’s life and reputation were ruined! No way to fight back!

Breanna Wood says:

That intro 🔥 The hypocrisy is real. A saying on our team and we would constantly be told “You’re a gift whether you do a little or a lot.”

But then we would also be told we would never be successful if we didn’t have an “all in” or “sold out” for mentality. Sold out for the product and for the opportunity. Taking a break or slowing down was met with an onslaught of criticism and insult like “you’re not living up to your potential, you’ve lost your passion you have to find it again, your team will follow what you do and quit, you are not living God’s purpose for your life”. Bringing God info it was always so dirty to me. And giving me messages about what God was telling THEM about MY LIFE. So wrong.

Josselyn Casaleno says:

I think most of them don't care about the age either. I was 16, 17 years old and me and my friends got recruited from people from my church to join a few companies. not even graduated from high school yet, we didn't know anything about money let alone business and these people were all in into getting these little teenagers into spending 300-600 dollars to join in. I joined in 2 of them and it felt so shady that I left right away, both of them. one was organo gold and I can't remember the other one.

Kathy Malone says:

I remember when I was in this cosmetics MLM and the woman that signed me up talked to my then husband when I told her that I had to talk to my husband first!! And I was hopeful that he will say no and who knew? He said ok to charge $8000to the credit card🤷‍♀️😱 I will never gorget that ugh

Amy Pontius says:

please please mention calls where you are encouraged to first call your prospective recruit, then say "hey, mind of my upline hops on the call?" & do a three way call connecting your upline to someone you are trying to recruit! This was such a creepy tactic to me, I just refused.

Amy Pontius says:

no thanks to Oprah for the law of attraction

Amy Pontius says:

you are right, MLMs that don't require inventory ARE still just as predatory. You have to buy a certain amount of product to make any money off your sales.

Caden Wood says:

Thank you…I see so many hurting people being hurt and targeted.

Hannah W says:

I’m guessing you don’t want to say the companies you were a part of, but I was a LipSense distributor and I see Joni in your intros! We had to have 750 of PV in our cart to get the full 50% discount on product and we were encouraged to do that at the beginning of the month so that every order after that for the month would be 50% off.

slith ice says:

Bacon diet is apparent😁✌

Alex B says:

7:15 – as the mother of a toddler, I appreciate this Wiggles clip

TA Lindsay says:

Happened to a girl I know….whole family was part of one of these businesses……Company when bankrupt and they as MLMs lost everything…their employment, their home, life savings…..terrible.

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