SHOCKING MLM HORROR STORIES #47 | Inteletravel , PlanNet Marketing, Monat, Beachbody #ANTIMLM

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Happy Monday. Time for some MLM HORROR STORIES #47 | Inteletravel , PlanNet Marketing, Monat, Beachbody #ANTIMLM Remember I upload every Monday, Wednesday & Friday. I hope to see you stick around.

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Deanna M
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Deanna Mims says:

Happy Friday!!!! How are you?🤍

PS: I can’t wait until finals end this weekend 🤞🏼

PlantLoving Mama says:

My brothers current girl friend recently started selling monat (but has been using it for four years) and she’s a seriously great person. It drives me nuts that I can’t get through to her but I tried once and now I leave it alone because I honestly do like her snd I love my brother and don’t want to chance loosing them. Ugh I hate MLMs 🙁

valerie correa says:

Love your content so much Deanna!! Have a great weekend

Consciously Kayla says:

😦 That team call. That makes me so sad. And it explains why the toxic positivity happens. You're only allowed to have problems until you sign up and then the MLM is the cure. That is a recipe for codependency, and the fact that they use that to build their "sisterhood" is upsetting to me.

To answer your questions Deanna, I heard a quote in a cute movie called Robots. "See a need, fill a need." I'd also take it a step further and say, "Create a need, fill a need." I think that's why MLMs go after people who are "broken". I think you need to have a pretty big, desperate issue to fix if a business structure like that seems like the cure all, unfortunately, and they really cover the poop with glitter to make it seem great.

Also, thank you for saying I was a good friend. I'm story #2. Honestly next time I won't put up with nearly as much dishonesty… But that girl was in my wedding and I don't feel right about being that close to someone and then disappearing without saying why. But in the future, I absolutely will be more careful who I become friends with and be that person who just unfriends acquaintances who lie! 😅 I'm nice but I need boundaries too.

Christine K says:

Oh no, that last one got me 😢 that is so sad

Amy McKay says:

I don’t feel like we got the full story from the girl in the last one. I feel as though she may have tried to portray herself better than how she really handled it. It’s very unfortunate what she is going through but a ‘Monat hun’ is not responsible for the words that the poster said to the family about the MLM. I’m not saying she shouldn’t have spoken out but perhaps handled it a little more privately. I don’t know, I feel like we are missing a lot of information and truths on that last one.

katrina8133 says:

Happy Friday! Great video as always! Any new reaction videos or exposes coming?😊

CarboneCat says:

That second story shows also the devastating effects of yo-yo dieting. I did stumble on an article about a searcher who followed all the contestants from season 8 of The Biggest Loser for 6 years. It’s jarring.

Ashly Woods says:

I relate the most with story number 2. I suffer with anxiety, depression, and PTSD, and the event that caused my PTSD happened during my beachbody days and my upline told me to not post about it because it was too negative. So even though I was literally drowning in real life, you wouldn’t have known by my social media, until I had a complete breakdown and decided to share the bad as well. I wish I had a friend like her during this. I still suffer but now I am a huge advocate for mental health and post my struggles. MLM’s are so toxic.

Nikkie Grace says:

Good luck with finals, you got this girl 👊🔥

Maryssa Emerson says:

In my opinion, if you’re in a good spot mlm’s don’t feel the need to prey on your dependency for validation. People in vulnerable positions largely (I know that’s a generalization, there are always exceptions) need or want validation that they are getting through a tough time in their life to stay on track or stay motivated to keep going. I know I’ve been there and was preyed on as a young single mother from the financial aspect. If you can get through to family or friends before a mlm does, they need to know they can go to you or someone for support. That MLMs want to do it to make money off of them and there’s no catch to you as a friend or family member to get support. Hopefully all that makes sense and can help the first woman help her friend!!

Holly Rapkin says:

happy Friday, I'm doing finals too right now its definitely stressful out here! almost done though, congratulations on finishing college!

Kadia K. Taylor says:

Happy Friday . Hope you are having an amazing day .

Darian Leiding says:

Hii! These are probably my fav videos from you 💗 how are you doing?!

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