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Hello Angels,
In today’s video, we are talking about some MLM Horror Stories! Thank you all so much for watching and don’t forget to subscribe.

Le-vel: The Truth –
Younique: The Truth –
Arbonne: The Truth –
Mary Kay: The Truth –
Mary Kay: The Truth Part 2 –



Transformation Church:…

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Thank you so so much for your love and support! See you next video!
-Isabella Lanter#ANTIMLM #ITWORKS
Hello Angels,
In today’s video, we are talking about it works! Thank you all so much for watching and don’t forget to subscribe.


Isabella Lanter says:

Hey angels thank you so so much for your patience. I took a two week break which was amazing and was able to celebrate both mine and my brothers birthday! So good to be back though! PS we have 4 videos coming to you every single week! New schedule coming 😍

Eleanor Addy says:


Kate-Emma Murray says:

The second one stressed me out just hearing it. I imagine living it was beyond exhausting.

Ashley Burgess says:

Missed your content! Glad your back but most importantly I hope your break was full of rest, focus, and what you needed it to be. Also, have you watched Jessica Hickson’s videos? She gives great dirty details on itworks

katrina8133 says:

Good to see you back!

thehibernatingturtle says:

The queen has returned!

Maru Santiago says:

Welcome back!! Great decision on taking break to disconnect. First of all the stories are sad because people is getting hurt in the process. I’m glad for all the creators trying to bring awareness of the situations, hope one day this business model don’t be allow to exist.

thefaceofinsecurity says:

Yup! It Works used to coach following/unfollowing 300-500 accounts A DAY like sis I work full time HOW CAN I DO THIS ON THE TOILET

thefaceofinsecurity says:

I’ve been blocked by all the IW huns for calling out their fake engagement pods 😂😂

Kiley Barrett says:

I wish I knew the girls instagram that hired the mlm coach. I would follow and support her for sure!

Let'sGetWhitty says:

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my story! I absolutely LOVE hearing your perspective on these types of things! Really reassured me that I’m not crazy and not a failure. Actually working on an Ebook that is about what I learned and how I’m reframing my mindset and habits after being in an MLM! I can’t wait to share this to bring awareness!

BB says:

Missed you! Glad you’re back!

Shann Cimakasky says:

It boggles my mind that the reps are their best customers. Every corporation I worked for that sold products. I was given the products for FREE through my company. NOT ONCE have I ever had to become my company’s customer. Good companies do that. If you work for them they give you the products for FREE.. I ask these chicks on my Facebook “Why are you buying your “company “ your business products if you own your own business why are you buying products. They never seem to answer my questions.. hmmm 🤔

Debbie McKeown says:

My friend and I were at job fair about 10 years ago and we were handing out our CVs to the various job stalls when we got stopped by a man with a business card saying if we paid £40 for a starter kit that was on offer from Arbonne we could build a business up we nodded and and agreed with him and took the card to be polite but we both decided after looking up Arbonne we wouldn't be doing that. I was working in fast food and at certain times of the year if the shopping centre I worked in wasn't busy, my hours got cut and my friend was in and out of office temp jobs. That last story makes me so glad we didn't put the very little money we had in Arbonne, instead both of us went back into education, my friend has a college Diploma and I am about to have my honours degree. MLMs should be universally banned from job fairs as they target people desperate for jobs and some people here are ordered to attend them as part of their job seekers agreement or they can get their benefits sanctioned.

Lara Bee says:

I have a developmental disability too as well as some physical disabilities and lost my job recently. I’m avoiding mentioning it on social media because I just know I’ll get hit up about “business opportunities “ and leveraging my disabilities. It makes me sick.

Tiny Tot Prop Shop says:

Uggghhhh they're all just so predatory!!

Lauren Schwartzbard says:

Loving this video!

Bridget White says:

Missed your smiling sassy face! 😁💙 I have to mention – either my phone is lagging or the audio isn’t synced with the video. Either way, the quality is amazing per usual! 😅 You do such a great job with not only your videos but your content on IG as well. It’s definitely my aesthetic 🤍

Ashly Woods says:

SO HAPPY YOURE BACK! I hope to it enjoyed your break!

Rachel Haveman says:

Youtube unsubscribed me from you 🙁 I am glad I noticed that. I love how personable you are while reading these experiences. It's really sweet. Thank you for the content as always and hope you have a wonderful week.

Elena Lavoie says:

Youtube has unsubscribed me 3 times in the last couple of days.

Michelle Weddell says:

Been waiting for this all week!

Randa Reams says:

Yay! You’re back! I received more anti mlm merch and I love it all.

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