The Dark Side Of Network Marketing

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Things they never told you in the opportunity presentation


MonZterella Lee says:

10 Super challenging! but I enjoy learning about it. I'm up for this challenge!

Jo Armitage says:

I had a good physical bricks and mortar business long story short got divorced ex hubby got the businesses. I was lost didnt know what to do had no money to begin again dipped my toe in the wrong NWM company got burnt thought not for me got a job and concentrated on being a mam. Roll on 20 year started buying products from a young girl who lived across town found myself putting in $600 pounds worth of orders sometimes more every month from friends and family my 2nd hubby suggested I join make money for myself I did and I love it I can stay at home be on hand to help out with my grandchild it is hard sometimes and lonely you have to just keep going. Thank you for your continued advice Eric.

Fred Lestudieux says:

Thanks Eric Worre . I glad to be in this amazing insdustry of Network Marketing . Thank you for showing us the Dark side of This. Now i know and l'll take it in the good way to work on myself !!

Algorithm Innovations By Amber Felt Enterprises says:

Thank you Sir.

Andreina Romero says:

I needed to hear this, mentor! Thank you!!! I want to tell the world how proud I am to be in this amazing industry!!!

Wilson M'hango says:

NM can be frustrating but Never quit on a Bad Day.
Thanks legend!

Melinda May says:

Thank you Eric

Adesanya Felicia Olubusola says:

Network Marketing is challenging

Ignatius Nyuiemedi Aklikpe says:

10, it is tough at the beginning but after learning and going by the guidelines, it is a bit easier then to easy.

moon 333 says:

Mr Eric worre is on telegram page.. search for him and contact him..


Put the English subtitles in your videos for more clarity of understanding…. 🙏❤️👌 You are really doing a great job 🙏❤️… 👍

Gaye Harris says:

Challenges help you grow

Gaye Harris says:

Trust with people you know well

John Stewart says:

It's difficult. But so is everything else. Being broke and not being able to do what I want to do is difficult as well.

Yassmine HOUD says:

Thank you so much coach

jacy ndush says:

Thanx for sharing sir Eric I really learned alot.

jacy ndush says:

What I can say is Network marketing is not that easy caz if it was that easy everybody could have joined the industry for is jst trusting the process and believing in your self you can do it cause there is alot challenges but that's to your motivational videos there are really helping us be blessed abundantly mentor ERIC.

کمیل کیانی says:

Never have i ever clicked on a video in my life,it says it all sir.the way a buisness builds it needs hardwork itself❤

A'Tara by Coach Prisca says:

Shared 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

Gavin Jones says:

definitely 10

Knowing The Word of God for yourself says:

Amazing shared

Ida Mariana says:

Loved this!!!!! Thank you Eric!

Reagan says:

I went for the bom…the testimomials were super dope.. Someone earning 2000$ in a month ..that's a huge amount of cash in my country 😍😍😍😍That got my attention…signed up same day..


Salute my honorable mentor, so much love from Bangladesh 😍😍

MK Laban Official says:

This is absolutely true,

Edeu Simon says:

It's hard in the beginning,but gets easier as team moves on

Kaz Kirigaya says:

Yeah Eric….the list is similar to those of other Entrepreneur ventures but with network marketing the risk is so low and has a great upside potential….the support system from like minded success oriented people and Coaching from Upline mentors alone is something prices!

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